Successful Working From Home For Travel Employees

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Duration: 3 Hours


One request Ambitions regularly gets is for work-from-home/remote jobs.

A State of Remote Work study by Owl Labs (US video conferencing company) found that 83% of the homeworking participants said working from home makes them happier. And 81% of the total surveyed said the ability to work from home would help them deal with work and life conflicts.

The people who worked from home full-time were happy with their jobs 22% more often than the office workers.

So, happiness and improving your work-life balance are clear benefits of homeworking.

This was a US survey, where homeworking is widespread. The great news is that many other countries are now catching up.


Key Topics Covered:

> Devise a plan to work from home, understanding everything you will need to guarantee a safe and conducive working environment

Review a number of communication apps and approaches that maintain a sense of community, involvement and which avoid conflict and isolation

Describe how to avoid burnout with self-care

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About the Author: 

Fi Morrison-Arnthal is award winning, travel training and development expert. She has 30 years in the industry managing highly successful sales, customer service, operations, HR and learning and development teams, making her uniquely qualified to lead the design and delivery of online educational content that those working in travel really need to succeed and thrive in their careers. Fi also owns Ambitions, the travel and hospitality recruitment specialists.