Complaint Resolution & Great Travel Customer Service

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Duration: 3 Hours


It's so easy to identify great and bad customer service when we think of our own experiences, so why do we sometimes find it difficult to put ourselves in the customer's shoes, when we are the ones they’re complaining to? Why do we get defensive or argumentative and afterwards say to our colleagues, 'That customer was a real moaner, she just went on and on, I could not wait to get off the phone.'

Key Topics Covered:

> What does a customer want when they complain?

Examples of when a complaint is handled badly.

Examples of when a complaint is handled well.

What is important about your communication style when a customer is complaining to you?

How should you handle an angry customer?

How do you resolve a complaint?

Do you know your empowerment level?

Is it your responsibility to prevent a problem from happening again?

Top tips for customer service problem resolution.

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About the Author: 

Fi Morrison-Arnthal is award winning, travel training and development expert. She has 30 years in the industry managing highly successful sales, customer service, operations, HR and learning and development teams, making her uniquely qualified to lead the design and delivery of online educational content that those working in travel really need to succeed and thrive in their careers. Fi also owns Ambitions, the travel and hospitality recruitment specialists.