IATA Social Media for the Travel Industry

Price: £188
Duration: 20 hours

About the course

This “how to” e- course is designed for travel professionals and highlights how to implement marketing activities through the four major social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. You will learn essential theory about the role social media plays in the travel industry and, most importantly, how to implement social media strategies that can increase business opportunities.

What you will learn

- Describe the different definitions and applications used in Social Media
- Define the benefits of Social Media in the business environment
- Explain how various travel sectors use Social Media
- Design a practical company blog and Social Networking page
- Create a Social Media campaign for your business

Who should take this course

- Travel marketing specialists
- Travel agents and tour operators
- Event planners and managers
- Travel industry business development and sales managers

Key Topics

- Social media definitions, the history of social media, its applications and benefits
- Social media marketing in business, how it is being used effectively and the attributes and facets of the biggest social media networks
- How to create social media profiles and design effective social media marketing campaigns

Additional Info:

The course is studied online for an authentic experience offering flexible and self-paced learning. The total course duration is between 25 and 30 hours.

An online exam is available at the end of the course study to assess your knowledge of the course theory on social media, networking and selling. A practical project assignment is also required to earn the course certificate which will ask you to produce and submit an online company profile.

An official IATA certificate in "Social Media for the Travel industry" will be awarded upon successful completion of the examination and assignment.

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