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  • OTT update - logo launch, OTTO update, new partnerships - Thursday 23rd October at 11:00 am

    Join Julia Feuell and Louise Honan as they reveal the improvements to OTTO including a new 'help section' and other enhancements. Julia will talk about why OTT have appointed PR agencies in the USA, Australia and Germany and why that's led to some new engaging branding. She'll also reveal OTT's new ideas for 2021 to help your company continue to be 'top of mind' with the remote travel trade, who sell you.

    Date: Thursday 23rd October

    Time: 11.00 am

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  • OTT webinar – Keeping positive in the face of adversity - Thursday 10th September at 11:00 am

    Grit is what psychologists call the ability to maintain momentum and goal-focus when you face challenges. Resilience is the psychological strength to manage the emotional impact of testing situations. Discovering how to build grit and resilience is one of the greatest achievements of positive psychology. And it’s never been more important than now as we face a perfect storm of stress factors re our job, finances, clients, family…

    We are either overwhelmed by such times or achieve growth from them, often going through both experiences in that order. But we don’t have to put up with the discomfort first, we now know how to get growth without it.

    Join positive psychologist and bestselling author Graham Keen for our 30 minute webinar in which he will explain how resilience is built and strengthened. He’ll cover easy to master scientifically proven techniques that have for example halved stress, anxiety, and PTSD in the US Army. Learn not just how to survive the current times, but to grow through them and become happier personally, more effective professionally, and to acquire or recover a sense of being in control of your own life.

    Time: 11am

    Date: Thursday 10th September 

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