OTT unveils new responsive courses


OTT is launching a new responsive template for all of our training courses, creating the same user experience for travel professionals, whichever device they choose to access content on.

The new template will be adopted in early-March and has been designed using insights from OTT’s ongoing research into how our community of travel professionals accesses  cloud-based courses. Research carried out in 2017 showed that online training was the preferred method of learning over face-to-face sessions for 74 per cent of the community, with one in three travel professionals now engaging with OTT using a mobile device.


With smartphone and tablet usage still rising across all generations, OTT has launched the responsive template to ensure agents gain exactly the same view of each course they undertake. The new template will ensure all of the content included - text, images and video - appear exactly the same, whether they are accessed via a desktop, mobile or tablet.


OTT Marketing and Product director Louise Honan says the new responsive courses have been created to meet users’ expectations of a seamless content experience - this has now become as important for b2b customers as it is for leading consumer brands and platforms. “Our research demonstrates that the way agents access courses is becoming more sophisticated. They might begin the course starting off on their desktop, then pick it up on the train, making the most of their commute by reading from their tablet.”


The new responsive courses will automatically adjust to the screen size of the device they are being viewed on. Louise adds: “The responsive template offers greater consistency for the user as they move through the courses. They know what to expect and that using different devices won’t be a barrier to their learning - they can simply concentrate on the content.”


The responsive template will be launched in early-March. New courses will automatically be based on the new template and existing courses will be moved across to the new template. OTT account managers will give clients the opportunity to review courses and make any necessary layout changes.