Presentation Skills in Travel

Price: £70.80
Duration: 3 Hours


If you are looking at this course, we are guessing that you fall into one of two categories:

Presenting fills you with a level of unease or even dread. Knocking knees, feeling sick, nervous, sweaty palms and forehead, brain freeze (not the cold ice-cream type) are all symptoms you may have experienced.

You enjoy presenting, however you think you could do better or have received feedback that you could improve this skill.

Key Topics Covered:

> Produce a checklist that details the key objectives and goals of your presentation

Apply the benefits of story boarding when planning a presentation

Create a presentation that is engaging to different personalities

Explain how to use your voice and body language to add impact and meaning to your presentation

Produce an appealing and engaging PowerPoint presentation

Prepare a number of presentation tools that will ensure your presentation is more effective

Recognise how important it is to rehearse using the checklist provided

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About the Author: 

Fi Morrison-Arnthal is award winning, travel training and development expert. She has 30 years in the industry managing highly successful sales, customer service, operations, HR and learning and development teams, making her uniquely qualified to lead the design and delivery of online educational content that those working in travel really need to succeed and thrive in their careers. Fi also owns Ambitions, the travel and hospitality recruitment specialists.