Key Features

Key Features

  • Efficient Distribution

    Your branded OTT course is a consistent and controllable method of communicating your brand and product messages to both the OTT Agent database and to your own network. OTT creates a unique URL for all our partners. The URL drives Agents directly to your landing page where your product information and e-learning is hosted. The link can be used to promote your course on all marketing and advertising opportunities outside of OTT which will enable travel agents to easily find and access your course. OTT’s Premium Data Capture enables you to capture Agents' contact details who have completed your course. Your are free to remarket to these Agents to further increase engagement

  • Reporting & Analytics

    With OTT you will have unlimited access to detailed reporting including dashboards or full reports at any time. Accessing your reports through OTTO, our content management system, you will be able to monitor and effectively manage your course results and content. OTT will hold informaton on both metrics relating to your course e.g. passes and time spent on the course as well as results relating to any marketing activity you choose to undertake. These real time results ensure you are fully aware of the results of all activity including activity promoting your course outside of the OTT estate.

  • Content Management System

    OTTO, our content management system (CMS), enables you to create your e-learning course and effectively manage marketing content and product information, to a global audience in local markets in local languages. Our self-service platform enables you to create, add and refresh your product content at any time. Create fun and effective training by using images and video content, check and incentivise Agents have understood your course with quizzes and prizes. OTTO enable your to control and distribute your content to our local sites and in the local language ensuring consistent brand and marketing messages. OTTO stores a comprehensive set of analytics and help tools to make sure your course is optimised and effective as possible.

  • Online Marketing

    Promoting your product and marketing messages to the travel industry’s largest e-learning Agent database is the key to ensuring they continue to learn about your product or service. OTT provide a variety of effective marketing options that will ensure Agents see and interact with your brand and remember your key messages. Marketing on the OTT website will also help your own sales team who can use this when they talk to Agents to drive them to your course. OTT have a variety of marketing activity available to create an effective and targeted marketing campaign including e-shots, newsletters and onsite advertising. Using OTT's well segmentation database of over 125,000 Agents you can effectively target your marketing to match your objectives. With an average of over 20,000 visitors per month OTT's onsite marketing can provide awareness and reach for your course.

  • Account Management

    Your partnership with OTT will be supported by a dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will assist you in launching your course and continue to offer you best practice guidance and support to ensure your course is a success. They will also be your primary contact during the partnership and will advise you of suitable opportunities that will maximise your exposure and help you achieve your objectives. Your Account Manager listen to your needs, help you to set your SMART targets and work with you to set clear KPI's to ensure the sucess of your course.

  • Gamification & Rewards

    Gamification provides Agents the boost in motivation they need to become active participants. With OTT, agents have the opportunity to collect sector badges to become experts in their chosen discipline. With over 6500 course passes per month and with over 40% of traffic on site being returning visitors the OTT Agent database is one of the largest and most engaged in the world. Competitions and prizes enable you to raise awareness of your course and incentivise Agents to participate in your course. All Agents receive a course certificate for every course pass and you can brand your certificate as reminder to your agents.