Diploma in International Cabin Crew Operations

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What is the Diploma in International Cabin Crew Operations ?

The Diploma in International Cabin Crew Operations is an online course that covers the training that cabin crew/flight attendants are required to undertake before starting their airline job. 

Who is the course for?

Anyone who realises that you need a plan, certain skills and some insider knowledge to get a job as cabin crew    

What advantages will doing the course give me?

There are two main advantages. Firstly when you go on the selection day you'll have a really detailed idea of what a cabin crew/flight attendant job actually involves. Secondly when you do start your training with your airline you'll already have a head start which is important because it can be a tough 

Will I get support?

Yes, we're to help. Our courses use the latest technology to deliver instant personalised feedback on your performance. However, if you need help we will respond to your email within 24 hours 

Learn when and wherever you want

Start the course now on your computer or tablet, complete the course in one month and start applying for cabin crew jobs    

What you'll get

Instant access to world class training developed by aviation industry experts delivered to you on a state-of-the-art-virtual learning environment.     

Is the course approved?

Yes. My Travel Teacher are an approved Scottish Qualification Authority Centre. Around 15,000 teaching professionals and industry specialists support SQA operations annually, helping to ensure that SQA qualifications accurately reflect learners’ knowledge and skills and provide routes to jobs or further study. The SQA are an experienced awarding body working internationally with a global reputation for quality and service. They are trusted experts in qualification and assessment design, they are the national accreditation and awarding body in Scotland and also Ofqual recognised. They use their extensive experience to work in partnership with schools, colleges, universities and industry, within the UK and internationally. SQA qualifications are recognised by the travel industry around the world. Their global hubs include: The UK, Beijing, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur & New Delhi       

All about us     

The company was formed in 2007  by Kenneth and Pauline Park, two travel and tourism lecturers who realised that many people who wanted a job in the travel industry didn’t have the skills and knowledge required.  All of our courses and software are hand-crafted with love and care in Glasgow, Scotland.



Mondrago My Travel Teacher co- founders Pauline and Kenneth Park.   

Since then 1000s of people across the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America have used our courses to learn about the travel industry and ultimately to help them get their dream job.   

There are many online companies who promise you the world when it comes to travel industry training. However, ask yourself- just because someone has done a job, does that make them capable of creating good training? The answer is- probably not.   

Why not choose a company who offer you it all? Not only have we been teaching travel and tourism for over 20 years (my goodness, that makes us feel old!), we are also experts in online learning and training. Although we have worked in a number of travel industry jobs it was (ahem!) a while ago, so that is why we work with those currently employed in the industry to make sure everything we do is totally up-to-date. We are also an SQA approved centre so you know the training we offer is of an incredibly high standard.   

So if you’re looking for  up-to-date, totally cutting- edge training, developed by lecturers and e.learning specialists who know how to create courses that guarantee results then Mondrago My Travel Teacher is your solution.     

But enough about us—let’s talk about you.

If you are someone who wants to work in the travel industry we can help.  Put really simply, we offer great -value, approved, interactive online courses that will give you a better chance of landing that dream travel job.

Our Customers

Over the last 9 years we are really proud to say that we’ve become the leading provider of online travel and tourism courses to colleges throughout the U.K and Ireland.  Below are just some of our customers.  Now you can do the exact same courses but at home, online, in your own time.




The Diploma in International Cabin Crew Operations     

FOR THE FIRST TIME YOU CAN NOW TAKE THE SAME ONLINE COURSE THAT IS DELIVERED TO ALL NEW CABIN CREW/FLIGHT ATTENDANTS BY AIRLINES ACROSS EUROPE AND THE U.S Earn an internationally recognised diploma guaranteed to dramatically improve your chances of a cabin crew job   

Give yourself an unfair advantage in gaining your dream job. You've only got one life why spend it doing a job you don't like? The course is completely interactive and absolutely realistic.  As you can see from the screenshot below it starts with your welcome email (just as it would in real life) outlining exactly what you need to do before your first flight.      


The course is completely realistic, practical and "hands on" and puts you at the heart of the learning


Tell me more…     

  • Instant access
  • Approved & Internationally recognised qualification
  • Uniform standards
  • Grooming standards
  • Airline abbreviations & terminology
  • Routes and IATA Codes
  • Working for an airline what it's really like
  • Teamwork and the Chain of Command
  • A day in the life of cabin crew
  • The pre-flight briefing
  • Emergency Equipment Basics
  • Emergency Equipment Intermediate
  • Emergency Equipment Advanced
  • Location of equipment – official airline exam
  • Announcements on board
  • Special Passengers
  • Boarding passengers
  • Getting ready for take-off
  • A typical cabin service
  • Customer service standards
  • Conflict management
  • Selling on-board
  • Foreign currency onboard
  • Emergency procedures
  • Decompression
  • Fire on-board
  • Post flight briefing


This is the ultimate cabin crew training system that covers everything you're likely to encounter when doing the job. Our best seller and for good reason!