Cruise Ship Diploma

Price: £149

If getting paid to travel the world by working on luxury cruise liners sounds like your dream job, then the Cruise Ship Diploma is the ideal course for you! 

Want a Cruise Job? 

Imagine... a job that offers these incredible benefits: 

  • - Get paid to travel the world!
  • - Meet people of all nationalities!
  • - Work in a luxurious environment!
  • - Enjoy amazing life experiences!


Created by training and recruitment experts from leading cruise line companies, the Cruise Ship Diploma e-learn course has been designed to help cruise ship job seekers gain the industry knowledge, skills and understanding they need before they can ever hope to secure a position in this highly competitive industry. 

The course itself is an 18-module interactive online programme containing valuable information, diagrams and photographs as well as video and audio training. At the end of each module is a self-assessment test designed to ensure that you have retained the information you learned. 

The Cruise Ship Diploma is an online course available to anyone of any age, nationality and ability who wants to work on cruise ships. All you need to complete this e-learn course is a computer with internet access. 

The Cruise Ship Diploma e-learning course is recognised by the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT) which is one of the world's leading and widely recognised Travel and Tourism bodies, based in the United Kingdom. 

Course Benefits

By taking the Cruise Ship Diploma e-learn course, you will gain an in-depth insight into the cruise industry and a deep understanding of the role, responsibilities and life of a cruise ship crew member. At the end of the course each student is awarded with an industry recognised pass certificate detailing the modules they have studied, along with their final pass grade. 

The knowledge and certificate you gain as a direct result of taking the Cruise Ship Diploma course makes you a much more marketable candidate, regardless of which position on board you're applying for. 

You'll be the stand-out candidate - one that cruise line companies actually want to speak to! 

Ultimately, taking this course gives you a unique competitive advantage. You'll gain an "edge" over other job seekers in one of the most competitive industries in the world! It also gives you the confidence you need to impress at interviews because of your ability to talk confidently and knowledgeably about working in the cruise industry. 

Once you complete the course you also get full access to our cruise ship CV builder and automated job application system designed to help you secure an interview as quickly as possible. On completion of the course your results, certificate and CV are submitted directly to leading industry recruiters who are waiting to hear from our students. 

On top of this, you will also receive a hard copy and a digital version of your pass certificate along with a free copy of a best-selling 'Get a Cruise Ship Job' guidebook written by an industry expert which contains hundreds of direct contact details of cruise line recruiters and dozens of tips, techniques and strategies for getting hired quickly. 

About Careers For Travel courses 

Careers For Travel offers certified e-learn courses for people of all ages, nationalities and abilities who want exciting jobs that pay them to travel the world! 

Our interactive e-learn courses have been designed and created by industry experts and built on our cutting-edge e-learning platforms to provide you with the training, know-how and competitive advantages you need to secure a career in any one of these exciting industries.
We also give you the flexibility to learn where you want and when you want. All you need is a computer and Internet access. 

Here's what you get instant access to the moment you enroll onto the Cruise Ship Diploma e-learn course: 

  • - 18 interactive modules and tests designed to ensure a fun and effective learning experience.
  • - A genuine attractive pass certificate that impresses at interviews, sent to you by airmail.
  • - CV builder for quickly and easily creating highly optimised cruise industry tailored job applications.
  • - Automated job application system that puts your CV directly into the hands of the people who hire.
  • - FREE best-selling 'Get a Cruise Ship Job' guidebook containing hundreds of tips and contact details.
  • - 24/7 life-time access to your course e-learning portal.
  • - Ongoing support and advice from industry experts. 


Lesson Structure 

The modules in the Cruise Ship course contain information on what you will be typically expected to learn on joining your cruise ship as a first-time crew member.

Module 1: Introduction to the Industry
Module 2: Cruise Ship Types
Module 3: Cruise Line Profiles
Module 4: The Passenger
Module 5: Cruise Geography
Module 6: Ports of Call
Module 7: Nautical Times & Time Zones
Module 8: Cruise Terminology
Module 9: Hierarchy of a Cruise Ship
Module 10: Master Rules & Regulations
Module 11: Living Onboard
Module 12: Working Onboard
Module 13: Customer Service at Sea
Module 14: Health & Safety Onboard
Module 15: Safety & Emergency Equipment
Module 16: Procedures & Drills
Module 17: Security & Port Authorities
Module 18: Essential Skills at Sea


At the end of each module there is a self-assessment test designed to ensure that you have fully understood the module content. Your results are calculated and recorded as you move through the course. Your overall score is printed onto your final pass certificate, which is awarded to you at the end of the course. 


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