Introduction to Travel

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Duration: 5 Hours


Joining a travel company from outside of the industry can be hugely challenging and daunting both for the employer and employee. There's a huge amount to learn, in fact, in travel, every day is a school day. New product, destinations, systems and policies are constantly appearing and when inducting a new starter its challenging for a manager to know where to start. This course fixes that problem. It can be completed as part of onboarding, prior to starting the job or within the first couple of days of employment and can be revisited time and again in order to embed the knowledge. When armed with a great foundation of understanding about the various elements of travel, newbies are able to fast-track through inductions and achieve more, much quicker.

Key Topics Covered:

>Tell the story of travel from its birth to the modern day

> Describe the difference between business and leisure travel and explain why MICE fits into neither of these two categories

> List the various technologies used by business, leisure and MICE travel businesses

> Name the various holiday types, from traditional to new and emerging travel trends

> Explain the difference between a package holiday created by a tour operator and a dynamic package created by a travel consultant

> Describe ways in which to obtain great prices for accommodation and air fares in order to create a competitively priced holiday

> List the difference between airline types and business models

> Describe the difference between air fare types

> Explain the various flight seats and which ones will suit your traveller

> Define the difference between airport and airline codes, and where to find them

> Match the cruise ship to the traveller

> Understand how to read a cruise ship deck plan, identifying which stateroom (cabin) would be suitable for your cruise client

> Explain the difference between ski, snow boarding and après ski

> Translate snow resort terminology including piste maps and transport to the slopes

> Decipher the various travel jargons

> Recognise the importance of continually developing your product and destination knowledge alongside soft skills

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About the Author: 

Fi Morrison-Arnthal is award winning, travel training and development expert. She has 30 years in the industry managing highly successful sales, customer service, operations, HR and learning and development teams, making her uniquely qualified to lead the design and delivery of online educational content that those working in travel really need to succeed and thrive in their careers. Fi also owns Ambitions, the travel and hospitality recruitment specialists.