Galileo - EXPERT Package

Price: £299
Duration: 3 months

Includes access to all the Galileo Core and Professional modules, plus fares and ticketing.
Add to your Core and Professional knowledge by learning advanced fares techniques and how to ticket a Booking File.

Subjects covered:

CORE Modules:

Module 1: Get Started with Galileo
How to navigate in Focalpoint; using help and General Information systems; encode and decode cities, countries and airlines;

Module 2: Check Availability and Sell Flights
Look at airline timetables; access airline flight availability screens; sell flights in all classes and cabins.

Module 3: Build a Booking File
Create a basic Booking File with Flight Itinerary, passenger names, telephone contact, basic ticket data.

Module 4: Add Passenger Services
Add extras to the B.F. such as seat reservations; special meals; passenger facilities.

Module 5: Work with Itineraries
Change and cancel flight details in a Booking File itinerary; insert non-air segments.

Module 6: Retrieve and Change a Booking File
Retrieve previously created Booking Files and add information or make changes to passenger details.

Module 7: Price an Itinerary
Basic pricing procedures for single and multiple passenger B.F.s for single or multiple sectors. Create Best Buy fare quotes for the lowest fare on the booked itinerary. Interpret the data when it is added to the B.F.

Module 8: Display Fares and Rules
Check the full range of fares; read the rules and notes; follow the routing restrictions.

Module 9: Manage Booking Files on Queue
Manage the online office filing system ("Queues") for handling Booking Files in your agency.

Module 10 Open / Passive / Waitlist Segments
Creating non-standard flight segments; Open segments when the passenger does not yet know the date of travel; waitlisting when segments are full; passive when details are already held by the carrier.

Module 11: Divide and Repeat Booking Files
Split a multi-passenger B.F. if one passenger has a divergent itinerary; copy all or part of a B.F. when a customer has multiple journies.

+ Final assessment


Module 01: Claim PNR
How to claim ownership of a Booking File created in an airline system which your agency will now price and ticket.

Module 02: Introduction to Focalpoint Cars
Learn to use Galileo Focalpoint to determine car company names and codes, identify car type codes, find system reference points, display car index lists for airport and non-airport locations, and display car company descriptions.

Module 03: Selling Focalpoint Cars
Learn how to sell cars with or without an air segment using the best practice, and including selling tips

Module 04: Modifying Focalpoint Cars
Make changes to customer car bookings; change car type or dates of hire; cancel previously confirmed booking.

Module 05: Introduction to Focalpoint Hotels
How to display Hotel details in cities worldwide; find hotels with specific features; check availability of rooms; confirm various room rates; hotel descriptions and locations.

Module 06: Selling Focalpoint Hotels
Sell rooms in hotels worldwide for single or multiple nights; with or without flight arrangements; for single or multiple occupants; with or without extra customer requests.

Module 07: Modifying Focalpoint Hotels
Make changes to customer hotel bookings; change room type or dates of occupancy; cancel previously confirmed booking.

Module 08: Advanced Hotel Processes
Advanced Hotel Processes.

Module 09: Client File Retrieve
Retrieve and view all levels of Client File from the system.

Module 10: Move Client File
Move all types of Client File into a Booking File, with or without the Client File displayed first of all.

+ Final assessment

EXPERT modules:

Module 1 Focalpoint Shopping without an Itinerary
Find the best price for an itinerary and then making a booking based on one of the fares quoted.

Module 2 Focalpoint Shopping with an Itinerary
Find alternative flights and dates, to the ones already booked, which may have better fares for the customer.

Module 3 Issue a Ticket
Ensure necessary items to issue a ticket are in the Booking File; issue ticket for single and multiple passengers.

Module 4 Working with Ticketing Modifiers
Issue tickets for individuals within a Booking File, or for certain segments of an itinerary only.

Module 5 Working with Tour and Net Remit Modifiers
Specialised ticketing arrangements for use with tour groups or discounted rates.

Module 6 Build Manual Fares for Ticket Issuance
Create a ticket for itineraries for which the automated system will not work.

Module 7 Working with Electronic Ticket Data
Display, modify or cancel ticket data within the Booking File.

Module 8 Modifying an Issued Ticket
How to manipulate the B.F. when a passenger changes his itinerary after the ticket has been issued. Calculate refunds and exchanges; revalidate the ticket.

Module 9 Ticket Exchange
Complete the Fill-In format to exchange an Electronic Ticket.

Module 10 Booking File History Display, read and Interpret Booking File history: display specific Booking File history.

+ Final assessment

Included in this course:

- 3 months unlimited access to your Galileo training
- 31 modules + 3 final assessments
- Free official Travelport certificate*
- Technical support

Additional information:

- If you haven’t finished your course within 3 months don’t worry you can buy an extra month by contacting OTT at
- All the courses and exams are online, there is no software to install, you only need internet access!

* OTT is currently the only preferred partner of the Travelport Academy. Our Galileo courses are created & updated by Travelport.

You need to pass the final assessments with 80% or above to receive the certificate. Don’t forget that you can take the assessment as many times as you need within your 3 months.