About OTT

The world’s leading online training & marketing platform for the travel & tourism industry

A brief history

Launched in 2008, OTT has grown to become the leading e-learning provider for the global travel trade winning eight industry awards. Our platform, combined with data driven marketing, has created the travel industry’s largest e-learning library with over 200 free travel product course.

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  • Global

    With over 192 countries in 15 different languages, OTT offers truly global learning platform enabling consistent product and marketing messages to be effectively communicated to agents in their local language.

  • Reach

    With over 125,000 Agents the OTT Agent database is the largest globally. With over 20,000 unique visitors on site and access to 200 product training courses, OTT provides the largest travel network internationally.

  • Engagement

    The combination of multimedia and instructional content ensures a very rich learning experience as well as a fun and engaging learning environment helps Agents retain course content which which in turn increase sales and brand-awareness.

  • Results

    OTT’s reporting suite provides comprehensive data about Agents who have read and understood your product, you can use that data to further your sales efforts, measure promotions, reach specific agent sectors or support continued brand awareness.

  • Trust

    OTT has been a key player in the travel and hospitality sector for many years. OTT is an award winning eLearning provider holding several coveted awards for excellence.

  • Innovation

    OTT maintains it market leading position due to its clear understanding of the travel sector and its ability to bring fresh learning technology solutions efficiently and effectively to key segments to drive growth and sales for our travel suppliers and members alike.  

Our products and solutions

OTT offers a variety of innovative travel training solutions to help our travel suppliers train and engage Agents round the world

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Our partners

Our impressive portfolio of globally recognised travel suppliers are working with us to provide travel agents the world over with engaging and informative online training courses. Our platform enables our partners to reach and teach over 125,000 Travel Agents globally.

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Our team

Our team is passionate, creative and proven. We believe in working closely with our partners to deliver exciting and innovative elearning content to the travel industry.

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