History up YOUR life 
and become our Expert!

Do you know how to sell Germany´s historic cities - our Historic Highlights of Germany - and outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a great place? If not, we do. We´ve done the research and we’ve got the training. All you need is the time.

We know you’re busy. That’s why we offer training that gets results. Our training modules will help you get the knowledge you need to design and sell valuable Germany products with confidence.

Just like everyone else in the travel industry, travel trade and travel media are looking for new markets to explore. In Germany, what’s next is the rise of the second-tier cities as well as the country´s greatest legacies of mankind and Mother Nature which are inscribed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Our online training modules will benefit both you and your clients by:

  • Boosting your knowledge of Germany´s historic gems and unique sites so you can create appealing itineraries.
  • Letting you discover what makes Germany special so you can sell it as a destination with total confidence and great value for money.
  • Giving you added credibility as a Germany specialist in your market

When you complete our modules we’ll send you a certificate to acknowledge your hard work and success and your personal ValYOU-Card (valid for Historic Highlights of Germany cities) because we truly value our business relationship with you and look forward to working with you. Once you have successfully finished our training, confirmed by your certificate, please let is know so we can ship you the ValYOU-Card. Contact: sascha.mayerer@historicgermany.com