About us: 
Our Vision - Our Role

We market 17 Historic Highlights of Germany cities  as well as 42 German UNESCO World Heritage Sites and focus on managing our relationship with the travel trade and travel media by:

  • Attending travel and trade events
  • Providing information about our destinations
  • Networking with travel trade and travel media
  • Providing day to day marketing support for key partners in each of our key markets
  • Organising familiarisation trips
  • Trade training including itinerary, regional and product workshops

Both associations recognise the value of working with the industry to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing activities. Our mission is to motivate our target market to come now, do more and come back.

We are a full-service bureau for travel trade and have the experience and the relationships to provide your clients with exactly what they are looking for. We recognize that every client is unique, are happy to cater to each individually, and can help you design a tour that matches the interests, budget, and travel abilities of your clients.

Would you like to start working with us? We’ve got the best tools for the trade and offer our network of strong partners. Add value to your training with us. It’s free!