Dear Travel Colleague,

Singapore might still be seen as a great stopover destination, but developments in recent years have transformed it into a fully-fledged leisure destination, ideal for FIT's, families and couples.

A vibrant, cosmopolitan city, where East meets West, you will find Singapore is worth selling, whether as a holiday destination in its own right, or as a place for your clients to break their journey en-route to other parts of Asia or Australia.

This training course is designed to help you become acquainted with all the latest attractions, dining, entertainment and events which can be found in Singapore; whether it's to relax on the beach, discover the cultural precincts, explore the various gardens or enjoy some family fun, you will find that Singapore has something for everyone, which is why we ask, 'What is YourSingapore?

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We hope you enjoy learning the captivating charms of Singapore and look forward to welcoming you and your clients soon!