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Two Peninsulas. One Pure Michigan

The State of Michigan is blessed with the riches of unspoiled nature.  The nation's longest freshwater coastline, It has lakes that feel like oceans, shimmering beaches, glorious sunrises and sunsets, daytime skies of the deepest blue, night time skies scattered with stars.

With snow capped winter peaks and fresh powder make Michigan an outdoor winter wonderland, and our climate makes us an incredible all year round attraction

As we emerge from the global pandemic Michigan is ready and open for business, our State is a paradise for those who seek adventure, wide open spaces and vibrant culture and who also want to stay safe.  

As you begin to go through the spring and summer training program, we think you will agree!

Welcome to Pure Michigan your journey begins here.

We invite you to complete this training and all of the information you need to answer the module questions are contained within the training package, if however you want more information on what Pure Michigan has to offer you can visit the web site http://www.michigan.org  The training program links into all of the major areas of the web site and during your progress through the package you will have opportunities to visit these area by following the links.




The Pure Michigan Pledge


There are so many attractions in Michigan, but for many, travel has become complicated with the global pandemic and visitors will want to know that Michigan is open and safe for the all of our visitors.

Safety in Michigan is paramount and we have introduced a program designed to ensure that our visitors, residents and business owners are fully protected. Called The Pure Michigan Pledge you will find details of how we are working with our communities, suppliers and tourism to keep our visitors safe in the post pandemic world. Check The Pure Michigan Pledge tab for more information.

You can also visit the Pure Michigan Web site by clicking on the following link:







The Natural World, Michigan At Its Finest...

 Michigan is a great place to experience the natural world, with mountains, lakes, wide   open spaces and unpolluted dark skies. The sky over Michigan is world renowned as a prime location for stargazing and witnessing the splendour of the Aurora Borealis (more commonly known as the  Northern Lights) 


On the Dark Skies tab we are highlighting this fantastic opportunity that the natural world offers. 

As always there are many events planned for the Michigan region over the coming seasons, as the pandemic eases these will be expanded so take a look at the Festivals and Events tab to give you a flavour of whats on offer, a full list can be found on the website www.michigan.org


State Parks

And if that's not all you have a choice of 103 state parks and recreation areas, 16 state administered harbors on the Great Lakes and 900 miles of trails for the adventurous spirit. In the new reality people are looking for space and Michigan has world beating open spaces and recreational facillities.




Virtual Tours of The State

Take a look at our virtual tours. They showcase The Two Penisulas that make up Michigan and show why we are truly a world class destination.




Pure Sounds of Michigan 

An ambient music album that is perfect for soothing the soul of travel agents at this challenging time. It can be downloaded from Spotify and other platforms -