Welcome to Martinique 
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Martinique: an explosion of Joie de vivre !

At the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, Martinique forms part of the « Lesser Antilles » or "Windward Islands". Its coastline is bathed by the Caribbean Sea to the west and by the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The sunshine of the Tropics and the Martiniquais climate make this destination the "island of eternal summer", with an average annual temperature of 28°C.

Verdant in its higher reaches, the coolness and charm of its well-protected nature sites with fascinate walkers (the ascent of Mount Pelée). Martinique provides the ideal conditions for sailing, windsurfing or even canyoning in its wild waters. 
So seductive, this isle is also brimming with diving sites of incredible beauty like Le Rocher du Diamant or the Bay of Saint-Pierre. 

There are a multitude of opportunities to "live" Martinique and to understand its culture and traditions thanks to events, visits to museums and distilleries or jaunts to places with prestigious pasts, such as the towns of Saint-Pierre and Fort-de-France. 

The authenticity, the cultural richness drawn from Africa and India and the Creole way of life make the Martiniquais a most warm and welcoming people. A European island, Martinique is easy to access with flights from a number of cities across Europe.

The use of the Euro, a road network and health and safety levels that are of a European standard make breaks in Martinique both safe and extremely pleasant.

Welcome to Martinique!