This exciting course features modules on Experience Madeira (Activities), Nature, Lifestyle, Porto Santo, and Events.

Once completing the course, you will be a Madeira Specialist!


Madeira and Porto Santo are part of a group of Portuguese islands located in the Atlantic, about 4 hours away from the Uk  (by plane).

Madeira and Porto Santo are the two main islands, and the only ones inhabit-ed. The Desertas and Selvagens Islands are nature reserves and refuges for multiple species of birds, plants, and sea lions, and can be visited with prior authorization. We have a multifaceted culture, like our mild climate all along the year, but with microclimates throughout the archipelago.

Here You will find stunning landscapes, dense verdant forests, volcanic mountains, flower gardens with exuberant colours, the taste of passion fruit, and swimming in the Atlantic’s blue waters. A destination for those seeking a bluer sky and brighter sun, with warmth and smiles, exemplary hospitality that brings peace of mind and security.

Location: We are located approximately 1,000 km from the European mainland and just 500 km from the African continent. Madeira Archipelago has many things to do. Madeira Island, 57 km in length and 22 km in width, has an area of 741 km². The island of Porto Santo, 11 km in length and 6 km in width, has an area of 42.48 km².

Madeira Islands' geographic location and mountainous terrain provide its amazingly mild climate, ranging from 25°C in the summer to 17°C in the winter, with very mild average temperatures and moderate humidity.