Lounge Pass Group Booking Forms



Lounge Pass Group Enquiry Form


  • For group bookings (6 or more passengers including children and infants) we must request the space for you in advance from the lounge operator.
  • Please complete the form below with the requested information and email this to our Customer Service centre at [email protected]   
  • NB: GROUP BOOKINGS REQUIRE AT LEAST 7 DAYS NOTICE in advance of the flight/visit date to process the booking.
  • For booking conditions, Lounge entry conditions, child restrictions, prices etc. please check the Lounge Details on our website.
  • All Lounge Pass Group bookings are on request and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please check the opening hours and that the lounge is accessible from the terminal from which you are travelling. Please check with your travel provider before travelling.
  • Lounge Pass will not be held liable for any Lounge Pass holder that has not booked the correct lounge for their flight.
  • Lounge Pass will not refund for any unused Lounge Passes.
  • All cancellations for group bookings must be made in writing at least 7 days prior to the departure date, otherwise no refund will be given.
  • Lounges may not accept same sex groups and hen or stag/bachelor parties are strictly prohibited.
  • Any groups that have not been pre-booked in accordance with our group booking policy will be refused entry to the lounge and no refund offered.
  • All Lounge Pass pricing is subject to change


Once we receive a response from the lounge for your request, you will be advised by email.

Please allow 7 days for the booking to be processed.


Please click the following link to download a Group Booking Request form: Groupbookingapplicationform



Smarter Booking Solutions to suit our needs

We have a range of flexible solutions that enable you to seamlessly integrate the lounge booking service. Options include the following:


1)     Lounge Pass Web Services Integration API

  • With this option, Lounge Pass offers Travel Partners the ability to access its Lounge Pass web services so that it can build bespoke lounge access and seamlessly be integrated into your customer booking path/booking system and web offering. 
  • The Lounge Pass Web Services API will return all the comprehensive content, all the pricing information, detailed lounge information including lounge images. POS and invoicing options are available together with pricing for GBP, USD, and Euro.  


2)   Lounge Pass Affiliate Program – Loungelink/Co-branded website

  • With this option Lounge Pass would offer partners the ability to link to the Lounge Pass co-branded website.
  • All online Lounge Pass bookings are currently made through the Lounge Pass website. Partners can send traffic to the site to make bookings directly.
  • The LoungePass.com site can be customized with your company logo. 


3)  Lounge Pass I-Frame

  • Lounge Pass can offer partners the ability to offer customer Lounge Pass from within their website environment
  • Partners can be customised with their own branding around the I-frame.
  • This option reduces the level of integration required to allow customers all the information they need to make a purchase
  • You embed the HTML code supplied within the existing code of your website (and adjust the size of the I-frame to suit). Installing the I-frame requires minimal technical resources.


4) White label access

  • Lounge Pass can offer a branded website that could be integrated into the partner's website experience. Lounge Pass would host all lounge imagery and the customer experience would be smooth and seamless.
  • Using your branding and imagery, we can white label your webpages personalising the customer journey. 


5)  Travel Agent Login Account – Self booking tool

  • You can pre-book via the online travel trade login at www.loungepass.com, providing an immediate Lounge Pass confirmation that can be downloaded immediately, reducing administration time for a busy reservations department and so that you are able to book lounges on behalf of clients.
  • Invoice and POS solutions available also GBP, USD, NK, and Euro.


Please click the following link to download a Lounge Pass Account Set Up Form and register today: Loungepassapplicationform