Welcome to Kiribati Training

Kiribati is for travellers - for those who have a passion for exploring and discovering new places, and adventures off the tourist trail; it’s for travellers who want to learn about a country-not just to see it.

Kiribati is located where the equator meets the international date Line thus placing it at the center or heart of the Pacific.

Come explore the 3 archipelagos of Kiribati:  The Line Islands, the Phoenix Islands, and the Gilbert Islands. 

The Line Islands offers Kiritimati island the world’s largest coral atoll offering world class fishing (both in fly fishing and game).  South within the Line Islands features Islands-Millennium, Starbuck, Flint, Vostok and Malden holding one of the world’s most unspoiled reef systems.  In the center of Kiribati, we have the Phoenix Islands, home to Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA), a UNESCO World Heritage site designated as one of world’s largest and deepest marine protected area, a treasure waiting to be explored. 

In the west of the country is the Gilbert group of Islands. It offers amazing and unique cultural experiences in North Tarawa and the Outer Islands. The group also hosts historic wrecks and artifacts of one of the bloodiest battles of World War 2 in the country’s capital.