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Welcome to 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme

It’s time to boost your ability to plan and sell unforgettable New Zealand holidays. New Zealand’s stunning landscapes and friendly locals are just the beginning of what makes it such a unique destination to sell to your clients. Get inspired and help create your clients' dream trip.

This module is an intro course to selling New Zealand. If you’re interested in learning more (and there is so much great stuff to learn) you should consider taking the next steps to becoming a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist. Becoming a Bronze Specialist will unlock a range of great benefits that increase as you progress through the programme.

Join our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist programme to improve your knowledge of New Zealand and increase your sales of New Zealand holidays. 

For now, enjoy our introduction to New Zealand Intro Course above. All agents who complete the course go in the draw to win one of 10 cases of New Zealand Wine.