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Expedition Cruises 2020/21 

Hurtigruten is taking adventure travel into the next century and beyond. Our mission is to offer sustainable nature experiences at the polar edges of the world - and at a growing number of unique destinations from pole to pole. 

Read all about our new destinations and more: 

  • All cruises in the 2020/21 season
  • Your experience on board
  • Unique insight into our new hybrid ships, MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen
  • Why travel with Hurtigruten, the world's greenest cruise company
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Norwegian Coastal Voyages (June 2019 - December 2020)

When you ask people what to see or do in Norway, they answer, "see the coast". In this brochure, you can read why Hurtigruten is the only way to experience the Norwegian coast. 

Read more about: 

  • Life on board, day by day
  • Our journey to a greener, more sustainable future
  • Norway's spectacular seasons
  • The fjords, ports and highlights you see along the way

And much more...

Northern Lights: Winter 2020/21

The spell-binding aurora borealis remains top of most travellers' bucket lists, as beautiful to witness as they are elusive to catch. Up in Norway though, our ships sail directly under the Auroral Zone, an area of consistent Northern Lights displays between October and March. 

The aurora is so frequent here that over 99% of our 12-day voyages last season recorded Northern Lights occurrences. 

In fact, we're so confident the Northern Lights will appear with us on a 12-day voyage between October and March that we promise to give you another voyage if they don't. This promise is the closest anyone can get to a Northern Lights guarantee.