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According to our research, travellers visit the country looking to experience a wide variety of traditional Hungarian wine and gastronomy, natural environment and scenery, and for enjoying its spa culture and architecture. You'll also learn a vast range of useful information such as the best restaurants and spas. This training is straightforward and concise and comprised of 5 modules. Once you complete it, you will feel confident to become an expert and sell Hungary!



About Hungary:

The capital of Hungary is Budapest, which is also the largest and most populated city. Budapest’s colourful architecture and design features over the centuries have created the biggest and the best in many categories of the built environment. Some, like the Chain Bridge, the oldest of its kind in the city, or Parliament, the third biggest national assembly building in the world, are well-known landmarks, but there is so much more that you’ll definitely want to make a lasting memory.  

Hungary is a land of waters, its geography is defined by its two main waterways, the Danube and the Tisza. Imagine a sea where the horizon doesn’t fade into the infinite distance, where the sunset paints a glowing golden bridge onto the water. Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake, is exactly that.

Our “Hungary” brand, focusing on areas outside the capital, while our “Budapest, Spice of Europe” brand is introducing Budapest our capital city to the visitors.

About Budapest:

Welcome to Budapest: city of the Danube - an unparalleled hive, amazing tastes, and people you will never forget. A destination where a new authentic discovery waits for you in 365 days of the year. Once you taste the Spice of Europe, you will always want to return for another bite.

The stunning sights of Hungary’s capital line the Danube, grace City Park and dot the Buda hills, providing the visitor adventure a-plenty. The beauty of Budapest is legendary. Yet many of these memorable attractions can also offer an experience like no other. You can take a quick sightseeing trip or opt for something simply unique. The Buda hills are great to hike but you can also glide over them in your own plane. A dip in thermal waters or a luxurious treatment in expert hands? The choice is yours.


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