Trek America


What's in it for you?


You mean apart from the product knowledge, the commission and being an expert in North America...?!

How about we give you a free mini adventure?! That's right....FREE!

We get it. As an agent, it certainly makes it easier to sell if you have experienced it, so complete the modules and we will happily send you on one of our selected mini adventures to help educate you!


If however, you find yourself with a bit more time and/or our mini adventure left you wanting more, we will offer up to a massive 75% discount for your own trip! Terms and conditions apply, please contact for more details.

We have a cheat sheet, giving you the low down on why we think TrekAmerica and Grand American Adventures are great choices for your clients and what's new for 2016. Simply get in touch with me at for details.

Click on the images below to download the latest agent flyers: