Ethiopian Airlines is a proud member of the world’s leading Global Airlines Alliance Star Alliance. For information on Star Alliance please click here.

ASKY (KP) is a multinational private airline based in Lome, Togo. Ethiopian Airlines is a major shareholder in ASKY and has a management contract to manage and operate its services. Ethiopian’s cooperation and partnership with ASKY Airline has introduced new connectivity between West Africa and Ethiopian worldwide network.
Malawian Airlines (3W): In line with Ethiopian Airlines strategy of setting up multiple hubs in Africa, Ethiopian has partnered with the Malawian Government and private interests in the country to establish Malawian Airlines in Lilongwe. Ethiopian has 49% equity stake as well as technical and management contract for the new airline. Lilongwe is the 3rd hub for the Southern Africa region, after Lomé, Ethiopian second hub for West African region through a partnership with ASKY Airlines.