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Wide open beaches, meandering coastal paths, bustling harbour towns, quiet seaside villages – if you don’t know the coastline of England, now’s the time to explore!


England’s Coast is an exciting new tourism initiative offering you a wealth of holiday experiences. Watch the videos, create your ideal itinerary and book direct. Get away from the busy tourist routes and off the beaten track to explore the stunning landscapes and rich heritage of the English coast.

Here you’ll find  outstanding stretches of coastline, from Northumberland in the north east, across Yorkshire and the East coast, travelling along the South East, the Jurassic Coast, along to Devon and Cornwall in the south west and the unexplored North West – each shoreline features unique natural landscapes, activities and events for a perfect and unique coastal trip.




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Access all of our resources such as images, video and hundreds of coastal tourism business on our trade itinerary builder. 

For more information, please visit: https://englandscoast.com/en/trade-portal/register