Welcome to the Egypt training course, we look forward to teaching you more about this fascinating destination which captivates visitors from around the world.

Egypt today offers a mixture of modern diversity and ancient splendour. It’s cultural treasures are supplemented by over 2,500km of scenic coastline with diving and snorkelling resorts, aquatic life that is second-to-none, the cultural metropolis of Cairo, biblical mountains, romantic desert oasis, the Nile Valley with its Pharaonic treasures and the River Nile; the second longest river in the world, packed with life and history.

Located on Africa’s northern tip, Egypt is about as exotic as you can get in less than five hours flight from the UK. It’s advantages are as seductive as they are diverse; the pleasant mild temperatures of the air and sea especially in winter, the hospitality and cheerfulness of its people and the continuous sunshine makes Egypt an enchanting year-round destination.