General information


Travelers from the UK and Republic of Ireland entering Egypt need a passport valid for at least six months after departure from Egypt and must obtain visas from Egyptian consulates overseas or at the airport upon arrival. The visa is valid for 90 days, if the planned trip involves travel in and out of Egypt over the same period, then the best option is a multiple-visit visa.


The unity of currency is the Egyptian pound divided into 100 piasters


There are no vaccinations needed to visit Egypt. Sunburn and dehydration can be avoided by using plenty of sun cream, wearing light cotton clothing and a hat, plus drinking lots of water. The health care facilities in Egypt are generally good and it is advisable to have health insurance.



The best times to go are from mid-April to May or September to October, November when the temperatures are lower, therefore making it easier to sightsee and explore. Between the months of July and August the sun is at its hottest. Average temperatures in Cairo are around 25-35°C, while in Luxor they are 30-40°C and in Aswan hotter still at 31-42°C.

Car rental

Cars can be rented through international car hire agencies or some hotels, but only by those who are at least 21-years old and have an international driving licence.

Voltage & Time

Egypt’s electricity works on 220v with sockets of the two-pin European mainland variety. Egypt is two hours ahead of GMT, except at the start of May and end of September when it is three hours ahead until the beginning or end of British Summer Time.