Dominica Major Events



Nowhere in the world blends rich, traditional Caribbean culture and a love for Cricket. It brings the stadium alive!

Jan 3rd - Feb 19th 2019



Dive Fest

Activities include whale watching deals, special dive packages, underwater treasure hunts, snorkelling picnics, traditional canoe racing and marine educational tours.

Jul 5th - 14th 2019



Dominica Festival of Arts (DOMFESTA) showcases theatrical and dance performances, concerts, and artistic workshops geared at developing local artistic expressions.

May 1st - 31st 2019


Hike Fest

Dominica's world-renowned hiking trails are the star attraction of the annual Hike Fest, the perfect time to discover and experience Dominica, meet new people and enjoy a day with nature.

May 4th - 25th 2019



Taste of Dominica

Establishments from across the island will feature the best of what Dominica has to offer including an abundance of fresh produce, spices and seafood.

Oct 19th - Nov 30th 2018



Tourism Awareness Month

Tourism Awareness Month's aim is to increase awareness of the tourism and hospitality industry’s economic, cultural and social contributions to our Nature Isle, Dominica.

May 1st - 31st 2019



The country commemorates it's Independence with a season of cultural activities which can last as long as four weeks. These celebrations portray vivid examples of the island's cultural influences.

Nov 3rd 2018


Jazz 'N Creole

Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole Festival is a festive fusion of Jazz Music with Creole Music, Food, and Culture.

Jun 1st - 4th 2019



Kalinago Week

Every year, since 1981, during the week of September 19th, several activities are staged in the Kalinago Territory with one goal in mind: build a stronger bond among all Kalinagos.

Sep 16th - 22nd 2018


Mas Domnik

Mas Domnik brings together African and French traditions and attracts revellers from far and wide to witness a dazzling display of social solidarity and a cultural explosion of music, art and dance.

Mar 4th - 5th 2019


World Creole Music Festival

A thrilling line-up of artistes and bands to perform at the 20th World Creole Music Festival, during a Launch Party at the Palm Cottage in Roseau on Wednesday.

Oct 26th - 28th 2018