Czech Cities as Gateways to Regions

Whether it’s sleeping amongst the clouds in Liberec, taking in the raw industrial beauty of Ostrava or discovering one of 12 UNESCO heritage sites, the Czech Republic is home to endless alternative experiences and natural beauty.

In 2019 plan a getaway to the lesser known side of the Czech Republic, from discovering one of Europe’s oldest spa traditions to exploring a different side to Prague in the city’s Art District 7 uncover Czech’s hidden culture this year.

Welcome to the Land of Stories! Welcome to the CzechTourism´s online training programme. We are here to tell you why the Czech Republic is the ideal destination to explore. The course will guide you through the most important Czech Tourism products – The Land of Culture, The Land of Sports, The Land that Heals and the Land of MICE.

Do you want to learn more about the Czech Republic as a perfect LGBT destination? 
Take our LGBT course:


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