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Brochures & Collateral

We have everything you need to help you promote and sell Crystal Cruises; from brochures to balloons, and from postcards to pens, we have it all. Just take a look through the links below for all the know-how, but if there’s anything you need that you can’t see, just email us on and we’ll be happy to create something bespoke for you.


To dowload our current 2017/2018 Atlas, please click HERE  

To download our current Crystal Yachting Lifestyle brochure, please click HERE

To download our current Crystal River Cruises Mozart brochure, please click HERE

NB: Crystal Cruises now operate using fluid pricing, this means that prices, discounts, supplements and special offers advertised in the brochure or elsewhere may be withdrawn or changed at any time.  Prices may go up or down.  For up to date prices and charges before booking call us on 0207 399 7601, or visit our website

To order bulk supplies of our brochure for your agency or clients, please email us at


For a full list of our available collateral for Crystal Cruises please click HERE, for Crystal Yacht Cruises, please click HERE and for Crystal River Cruises, please click HERE For details on how to order supplies for the office, for an event you have planned, or for a mailing, just click HERE for Crystal Cruises, click HERE for Crystal Yacht Cruises and click HERE for Crystal River Cruises.

Offer Sheets:

We also have a full selection of latest offer sheets for your use – just click on the below links to download the latest versions.

If you’d like your logo & contact details added to any, just let us know and we’ll be happy to do that for you, just email your details to us at

Crystal Clear Choices

Kids Sail Free

Crystal Getaways


Crystal Getaway Offer Sheets

We currently have lots of Getaway sailings available for your guests. You can find bright and colourful offer sheets detailing all information below...

Ocean Getaway offer sheets:

7224A - Dubai to Abu Dhabi

7224B - Abu Dhabi to Port Louis

7224C - Mahe to Port Louis

7225A - Mauritius to Mozambique

7225B - Mozambique to Cape Town

7332A - Fort Lauderdale to Barbados

7332B - Barbados to Charleston

River Getaway offer sheets

7D08RA and 7D08RB - Grand Europe Getaways

7D09RA and 7D09RB - Grand Europe Christmas Market Getaways 

7D10RA and 7D10RB - Grand Europe Christmas Market Getaways 


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