Welcome to CruiseCopenhagen's Online Travel Training Course

Sit back, have a cup of coffee and a Danish pastry while enjoying our course. We will guide you through all the small things that make Denmark as unique as it is: from the Danish art of "hygge" to Copenhagen, which is the world's most bike-friendly city. After completing our course you can call yourself an expert in Denmark and the Danish culture, attractions, destinations, and much more!

This e-learning course consists of five modules. You can see them in the red menu above the picture. When you are ready to begin the course, please click on the first module: "About Denmark" and work your way through the modules in your own pace. Each module contains pages with text, images and test questions for you to become an expert in Copenhagen and Denmark. Most of the course will be about the capital Copenhagen, but the course will also teach you about the other beautiful cruise destinations in Denmark. You can also find further information about Copenhagen and Denmark including unique selling points, practical information, brochures and videos etc. in the top menu bar.

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Have a wonderful time discovering why the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. Happy reading and training!

Read and download a recap of our course right here.