Top Selling Points - Why Copenhagen?

Because of the accessibility

Copenhagen has a central location in Europe and an efficient infrastructure. It takes less than 20 minutes by metro from the airport to the city centre, and there is a large variety of public transport available.

Because of the water

Take a dip in the clean and swimmable harbour or enjoy a canal tour and experience the city from the waterside. Copenhagen is surrounded by water, and you can drink the tap water anywhere.

Because it’s green & clean

Organic restaurants, sustainable hotels and green urban spaces – the focus on the environment and sustainability can be seen everywhere in the city.

Because of the bikes

Copenhagen is one of the best bike cities in the world: Approximately, half of the city's inhabitants bike to school or work every day, and tourists can easily experience the city on rentable bikes.

Because of the safety

Copenhagen is generally one of the world's most peaceful cities, where you can walk around safely at all hours.

Because of the Shopping

Shop ‘til you drop on one of the largest pedestrian streets in the world and in the surrounding Latin Quarter - and save up to 20% with Global Blue tax-free shopping.

Because of the design & fashion

World-famous Danish design, whether it’s fashion, furniture or architecture, is on display all over the city.

Because of the gastronomy

Besides being home to the world’s best restaurant, Noma, and 14 other Michelin-starred restaurants, Copenhagen can cater to all tastes and budgets.

Because of the culture and history

Royal castles, museums, old streets and historical buildings are all over and open to the public.

Because of the people

The welcoming Copenhageners are known for their liberal and relaxed lifestyle and attitude, and a large majority speak and understand a high level of English

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