Congratulations on finding Easter Egg 2 ! You're hopping along nicely

Prize details:
A Rum cake each to the first 10 people

Terms & Conditions:
•    Complete the course between 25th March to 4th April inclusive to be eligible for the Easter prize draw.
•    Already finished the course? Fill out the form and submit it to enter.
•    Make sure your agent profile on OTT is complete and up to date to be eligible to win the prize.
•    The draw will be conducted randomly and discreetly.
•    Only UK & Ireland travel agents/tour operators can win.
•    Winner's details will be featured in OTT's marketing and may be shared by Travel Weekly. If you prefer not to have your details publicised, please do not opt in for the draw.
•    Winners will have 24 hours to confirm their acceptance of the prize. Should notified prize winners not confirm their acceptance of the prize within the stipulated timeframe, another winner will be chosen.


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