Welcome To Cape Town

All South Africans know Cape Town for its beaches, beautiful nature, food, and wine routes but locals know that the city is also filled with hidden gems and lesser-known locales.

The Mother City can be an almost unlimited source of unforgettable travel experiences for South African travellers—if you know where to look. Use this course to explore everything that we have to offer, from famous attractions to one-of-a-kind excursions, and fall in love with our city, just as we have.


The Visitors Guide

“As you walk through the streets of Cape Town, explore our national parks, enjoy our beaches, and enjoy our winelands, you will undoubtedly appreciate the natural beauty of Cape Town. But what turns mere enjoyment into a love for our city is what the locals offer. Our warmth, passion, welcoming nature, and friendliness is the magic ingredient that keeps visitors coming back year after year, after year. This Visitors’ Guide, brought to you by Cape Town Tourism, will help you experience what our truly unique city has to offer. Fall in love with our authenticity and feel the passion for Cape Town as much as we do. #lovecaptown”

- Enver Duminy, CEO, Cape Town Tourism

Every year Cape Town Tourism creates a printed guide to showcase the best that the Mother City has to offer visitors. The guide is a wealth of information and an essential reading for first-time visitors who want to get to grips with the city. Read the guide online or download a copy to read on your phone or tablet here.