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Meet the APT Team

APT offers exceptional support to its travel industry partners. We are pleased to introduce the team dedicated to working with you.

Angela Waite

Head of Sales & Commercial 

P: 01494 736 147

E: angela.waite@aptouring.co.uk

Follow: @APT_Angela

Jessica Shelton-Agar 

National Sales Manager

P: 07584 057 341

E: jessica.shelton-agar@aptouring.co.uk

Follow: @APT_Jess

Nicola Pearce

Account Manager UK South West

P: 07768 764 332

E: nicola.pearce@aptouring.co.uk

Follow: @APT_Nicola

Sarah Ashmore

Account Manager UK South East & Ireland

P: 07787 536 392

E: sarah.ashmore@aptouring.co.uk

Follow: @APT_Sarah

Carrie Grant

Business Development Manager UK North

P: 07824 617 321

E: carrie.grant@aptouring.co.uk

Follow: @APT_Carrie

APT Trade Sales Team Office

For more information or for assistance from our friendly office based Trade Sales Team please call 01494 736 147 or email agentclub@aptouring.co.uk

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