Food plays an important part in Asian culture so if your clients are planning a holiday to the region then it’s only natural that they'll want to find out more about the dishes and ingredients that locals use.

Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef and author Luke Nguyen, explains his strong affiliation with the region and why, through his relationship with APT, he loves the opportunity to share his passion for Asian food and travel with others:

“I first became involved with APT in 2011. From the outset APT was clear that it wanted to work with someone who would do more than simply add their name to a journey. APT wanted an ambassador for the region that would help to shape the product. Someone to add real authenticity to what its guests would see and experience on their Asia holiday. I saw it as an opportunity to share my culture, my cuisine and my passion for a range of amazing destinations.

Food is a really important expression of Asian culture. It’s also very much a family affair, it’s a bonding process and brings people together. Street food in particular is a display of how people in Asia socialize outside the home.

In showcasing the cuisine to APT’s guests, how it is sourced and made, what I aim to do is open the door to the local way of life."

Luke has designed a number of exclusive culinary experiences for guests to enjoy on APT’s Mekong and Myanmar cruises in 2018. Paired with quality wines, these exclusive meals will be enjoyed by all guests at no extra charge.

Luke Nguyen's Dining Experiences on the Mekong River

Cruising along the Mekong aboard the RV AmaLotus your clients will enjoy a Welcome Dinner on their first night, as well as an exceptional four-course Vietnamese share-style dinner in the private restaurant. Guests who choose to explore Ho Chi Minh City with APT also enjoy a degustation dinner with matching wines at the acclaimed Xu Restaurant – another culinary experience planned by Luke and the option of participating in a culinary class at his Ho Chi Minh City ‘GRAIN’ cookery school.

Luke Nguyen's Dining Experiences on the Irrawaddy River

In Myanmar, your guestswill sample two menus designed by Luke in the intimate ten-seat private dining room aboard the new luxury RV Samatha, indulging in modern Burmese fare that showcases fresh regional produce and Luke’s signature style.


  1. Because the food is fantastic– street food and Asian fusion restaurants serve up authentic, delicious and honest soul food in an array of settings. Why not try a bowl of fresh steaming Pho ladled from pot to bowl in Hanoi; a glass of steaming sweet Cambodian coffee; or Chinese Hutong dumplings? Sail on a Luxury river cruise on the Irrawaddy and you’ll dine at my onboard private dining restaurant; or if you stay in Saigon then you can experience an exclusive dinner at Xu restaurant.
  2. You’ll see the Asia of old and new – Asia’s beauty lies in its contrasts, ancient traditions sit side-by-side with cutting edge technology. It’s intoxicating and mesmerising. Go now so you can still see special places and communities.
  3. Sail into the heart of your destination – some Asian communities are hard to reach by road, especially those on the rivers. That’s where the beauty of river cruising comes in. On a river ship you can access people and places that land tours simply can’t reach while travelling in the comfort of your floating hotel. It’s a great way to explore and it’s a travel style I highly recommend it if you’re an inquisitive traveller.
  4. Shopping the markets and malls: Asian shopping is like no other. Always barter and make sure you get a good deal. The locals will expect it and travellers should embrace it. Nowadays you can also see many designer names in the main cities. So whether you like a bargain or a top brand there is something to suit all.
  5. You’ll receive the warmest welcome – wherever you travel in Asia one thing remains the same. The people are warm, welcoming and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble and you’ll always receive service with a genuine and heartfelt smile.