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APG is the world's largest and most successful airline distribution network with over 100 offices covering over 170 countries. We partner with over 200 valued airline clients from all continents.

APG offers several products for both airlines and travel agents around the world. In particular, travel agents can benefit from one of APG’s most successful products - APG IET - which allows travel agents to be able to ticket many more airlines via BSP and increase their sales.


APG Airlines

APG Airlines is our own airline which operates regular scheduled flights within France. APG Airlines serves as the host for our APG Interline E-ticketing (IET) platform.

APG Airlines code GP-275 can be used to issue tickets for thousands of flight combinations.

In addition, APG also has its own system code, A1. We regularly code share with airlines who are not distributed on GDS. You will see these flights displayed on GDS with flight numbers starting A1 and which are also ticketable on GP.

Occasionally we also add our A1 code to tour operator charter flights so that excess inventory can be sold via GDS and BSP.

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