Entry Requirements 

Citizens from selected countries do not require a VISA to gain entry onto Antigua, provided that 

- Their stay is no longer than six (6) months 

- They have an onward or return ticket

- They have confirmation of accommodation 

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Flight Information 

British Airways - As of 21st July, British Airways operates seven (7) flights from London Gatwick and two (2) flights from London Heathrow

Virgin Atlantic - As of 15th July, Virgin Atlantic operates three (3) flights from London Heathrow

Staying in Antigua and Barbuda 

    Language - English is the official language of Antigua and Barbuda, while many locals speak Antiguan Creole 

    Currency - The national currency used is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD), although US dollars (USD) are widely accepted. 1 Euro = 3.19 XCD as of 15.09.2021.

    Tipping - Usually 10-15 percent depending on the level of service, while some restaurants and hotels will automatically add a 10 percent gratuity. Porters and bellboys should receive US$1 per bag and taxi drivers expect 10-15 percent of the fare. 

   Taxes - A 12.5 percent government tax is added to all hotel rates. Most hotels and restaurants also add a 10 percent service charge in lieu of tipping.

    Climate - Antigua and Barbuda is sunny all year round, with soothing trade winds 

    Time - The time zone in Antigua and Barbuda is GMT-4

    Driving - A valid driver's license and an EC$50 fee are required to obtain a permit to drive in Antigua. Cars drive on the left. 

    Business Hours - Business hours in Antigua and Barbuda are usually from 8am-5pm.

Accommodation - From all-inclusive resorts, to adults only and family friendly guesthouses, there is no shortage of accommodation for all tastes and price ranges in Antigua and Barbuda.