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Air Tahiti Nui has a proud history of connecting the beautiful islands of Tahiti to the world. In celebration of our 20th anniversary we revealed a new visual brand identity centred around a white tiare flower, a symbol of beauty in Tahiti.

Our new livery incorporates the three shades of blue representing the ocean, the lagoons and the skies over Tahiti and collection of tattoos telling the visual story of Tahiti and its people.

At Air Tahiti Nui we believe each of us serves as an ambassador of our homeland. The Nui in our name literally means “Big” as in the big carrier to The Islands of Tahiti, but Tahitians know Nui can also mean “Grand” and “Great” which captures aspects of our adventurous spirit and the love and pride we have for our culture. 

As we chart our course of the next 20 years, the idea of Nui will be a shining star that guides us forward. We will challenge ourselves to examine every part of the travel experience we provide our guests to find ways to make it more relaxing, more immersive, and more “Nui.”

Our routes

Air Tahiti Nui has headquarters in Papeete and operates from Faa’a International Airport on the island of Tahiti. Air Tahiti Nui was founded in 1996 and commenced flight operations in 1998. Air Tahiti Nui is an IATA member and satisfies the highest safety requirements with its IOSA certification.

Air Tahiti Nui serves four stations: Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Auckland to Tahiti. With daily non-stop service to Tahiti from Los Angeles it is one of only two airlines to offer a selection of non-stop flights connecting Los Angeles and Paris with Tahiti.