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There is an old Slovenian saying that when the world was created, each land got something of its own: one got mountains, another sea, this one endless fields, that one dense forests... In the end, when all the lands were priding themselves on their luxuries, Slovenia spoke up: What about me? And at that moment, everything emerged that had waited right until the end: the best of everything! Enough to create another world. All this was brought together by the last, the most important element: a handful of love. This love had a special power. It connected the sea to the mountains, forests with waters, fields with vineyards, the specialties of the underground with the light of the sky, so the beauties touch each other in Slovenia. With this closeness, they changed the initial infatuation into a lasting green love; with their existence, they encouraged an active search for the good life; with the experiences they enable, they boosted a healthy heart. This is why Slovenia is green, active and healthy. You can find love and feel it in your own way. 

Discover your sLOVEnia!