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Is the program linked to any other loyalty program of any other airline?
Not at the moment but in future, yes.

Is the redemption process tedious?
Award tickets MUST be requested at least 5 working days before the flight and remain valid for 3 months after they are issued. Reversing a redemption request will be allowed as long as the redemption has not been used.

Who are the partner members of the program?
We will be announcing the members in due course, but we are looking to partner with hotels, banks, mobile operators, car rentals, etc.

Are there conditions governing the earning of miles on traveled sectors?
The number of miles earned per flight will depend on the fare class, class of service traveled, tier status in the program, the sector flown. All fare classes are eligible for Dream Miles. However Economy and Business Class saver fares will however only attract 50% of the applicable miles (V ,U Class in Economy Class and Z Class in Business) Click here for more information on accruals and Redemptions

What are the tier benefits?
Benefits vary per tier level, please refer to our Tier benefits chart.

Does Program membership expire?
Membership does not expire for Dream Miles Emerald,however membership at Silver, Gold and Diamond can expire.

Do miles expire?
Yes they do. Miles expire after 2 years on a FIFO basis ( First in first out).

  1. Miles expire every two years if not redeemed/used. However an option is available to extend them before the expiry date or re-instate the expired miles within 6 months from the expiry date.
  2. Once extended or reinstated Miles will only be valid for an additional twelve (12) months added to the original Miles Expiry Date;
  3. Miles to Expire and Expired miles can only be extended and reinstated once;
  4. Only the exact Miles that last expired can be reinstated;
  5. Expired Miles can only be reinstated within six (6) months after expiry;
  6. Extended or Reinstated Miles do not count towards Miles to Tier (MTT).


Are kids eligible to join the program?
Yes Dream Miles Junior is for members between the ages of 2 to 16years. Members at this level can earn and redeem miles on the program among other activity.

By completing the enrolment form do I immediately start benefitting from the program?
All new members remain prospects until they activate their membership by taking the first flight after enrolling for the program.

How far back can I claim miles after joining the program?
Miles for Flights taken on RwandAir within a period of one calendar year before the enrollment date can be claimed. While completing the membership form, customers will be expected to list their tickets numbers and/or present their boarding passes along with the completed membership form.

How do I go about making retro claims?
via member website, OR by calling the Dream Miles call center, OR by posting to Dream Miles Management

Can I redeem miles to upgrade to a higher class of travel?
Yes. . Members must first purchase a revenue ticket before they are allowed to redeem miles for an upgrade.

When I register, can I include the tickets number I have bought for other people?
Once registered, please log into your Dream Miles member account and claim miles for any flight you have taken with RwandAir for a period of one year before your enrolment date. Unfortunately tickets bought for others will not earn you miles on your account but you can refer the others to join the program and claim their miles then you will also earn miles for referring other members. You may also enroll for a family account or corporate account for your family and company employees tickets to earn miles and redeem from one account.

For any assistance contact us on Dreammiles@rwandair.com or dial +250788177000.

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