Malaysia Airlines’ Horizontal Fare Family
With the changing travel conditions and customer preferences as a result of this challenging time, Malaysia Airlines has introduced horizontal fare family across the Economy cabin allowing consumers to fully customise their journey based on their travel needs. There are also further enhancements on Business class and Business Suite.    

Economy Horizontal Fare Family - Whether your customers want priority privileges, flexibility to change their future travel plans, Economy Flex packs all your travel needs into one single fare for your convenience. There are also Economy Lite and Economy Basic to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – New Economy Fare Family 

1. HFF is a fare brand name and fare conditions which offers customers a product based on their travel needs, preferences, priorities and purchasing capabilities. 

2. What are the choices of fare brand?

The fare brands consist of Economy Lite, Economy Basic and Economy Flex where each fare family will have different benefits such as baggage allowance, seat selections, priority services. These fare brands also offer different flexibility in terms of refunds and rebooking.

3. What is Economy Lite Fare?

Lite Fare is Malaysia Airlines’ lowest fare that comes with 7kg of cabin baggage and complimentary meal.

4. What is Economy Basic Fare?

Basic Fare is Malaysia Airlines’ fare that comes with 7kg of cabin baggage, complimentary meal, access to Enrich Miles upgrade, 20kg of checked baggage, 10% discount on child ticket and access to rebook or change the ticket.

5. What is Economy Flex Fare?

Flex Fare is Malaysia Airlines’ fare that comes with 7kg of cabin baggage, complimentary meal, access to Enrich Miles upgrade, 35kg of checked baggage, access to standard seat selection and 25% discount on child ticket. Flex fare offers ultimate flexibility where customers can rebook or change ticket with no fee, ability to travel on an earlier flight on the same day at no cost and eligibility for refunds. Another perk of Flex fare is that customers can enjoy Priority Check in, Priority Boarding and Priority Baggage.

For Flights between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore the Economy Flex product is known as MH Shuttle. 

6. Why did Malaysia Airlines introduce the Horizontal Fare Family?

The Horizontal Fare Family offers a more personalized choice for passengers based on their individual travel needs and preferences as well as offers greater travel flexibility. 

7. How does the Fare Family work?

Each passenger would have the option to choose the family brand that fits their travel needs as it consists of different attributes. 

Changes to the Fare Family Structure of MH Shuttle for travels between KUL & SIN v.v. on MH Operating Direct Flights

The fare options for travel between KUL & SIN v.v. on MH Direct Operating Flights consists of  Basic and Shuttle. Newly added attributes for Shuttle are :

• Priority boarding

• Priority baggage

• Flexibility to travel earlier on day of travel on either MH or FY Operating flights (subject to availability)

8. What is the applicable infant fare and respective entitled free baggage allowance (FBA)?

The infant fare is 10% of the applicable adult fare on all fare families and is entitled to 0 kg for Lite fare family whereas 10 kg for Basic and Flex fare families respectively.

9. If I had purchased the Lite Fare Family, am I still allowed to check-in my luggage?

Lite Fare Family does not come with complimentary baggage allowance. If the passenger needs to check in their luggage, they may pre-purchase the extra baggage allowance on via ‘manage my booking’ or they can pay for excess baggage fee when checking-in for their flight at the check-in counter.

10. If I had purchased the Lite and Basic Fare Family, am I still allowed to select seats?

Lite and Basic Fare Family does not come with complimentary seat selection. If passengers wish to select a seat, they may pre-purchase via ‘manage my booking’ on or Contact Centre. 

11. What if I had booked my flight and had been ticketed before 22 June 2020 for travel on/after 22 June 2020?

Purchased ticket terms and conditions issued prior to 22 June 2020 still apply.  However, if changes were made to the tickets and presented for reissuance on/after 22 June 2020, the following conditions apply: 

o Fully unutilized – Horizontal Fare Family attributes will be applied. 

o Partially utilized - Fare rules and attributes will follow as per current process. 

12. Does this apply to all MH international destinations?

This applies to all MH operating flights for international destinations except for Malaysia to Japan, Japan to Malaysia, Jeddah and Madinah

13. Are Enrich and oneworld members entitled for the extra baggage allowances?

Yes, Enrich and oneworld members are entitled to additional baggage allowance based on their membership tiers.

Enrich Platinum – 100% extra baggage allowance on top of their travel entitlement

Enrich Gold - 50% extra baggage allowance on top of their travel entitlement.

Enrich Silver – 5 kg extra baggage allowance on top of their travel entitlement

14. Does the cabin baggage weight remain the same? 

Yes, cabin baggage weight remains unchanged at 7KG.

15. Can I still collect Enrich miles on all the Fare Families?

Yes, Enrich accrual points remain the same.

16. What are the priority services and what do they include?

Priority services are services exclusive to flex customers only and they include the following:

A) Priority Check-In Counters 

B) Priority boarding 

C) Priority baggage for rapid retrieval of baggage upon arrival

17. Where can I find out more on Malaysia Airlines’ Fare Families?

Contact your account manager or sales support.