LGBT market: selling essentials


Out Now Business Class is the world's leading LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) business networking and information portal. includes research, educational content, training and useful contacts for businesses looking to increase their share of the lucrative LGBT market.

The following training programme is made available to help agents to increase the satisfaction of their LGBT customers, gain repeat bookings and increase profits. There are many more tools available on the website - and membership is free to travel agents and tour operators, with thanks to OTT and Out Now Business Class. To learn more simply go to the Out Now Business Class website and click on 'learn more' - and to take advantage of your complimentary membership simply enter promo code 'OTT2013' when applying for your free membership.

With Out Now Business Class training staff can deliver the world's best standards of service to the lesbian and gay travel market. Gay and lesbian travel is a market worth billions in tourism spending. Out Now Business Class training is the unique e-learning programme from Out Now that enables those working in tourism and hospitality to deliver superior service to lesbian and gay customers.

* Practical advice * Avoiding mistakes * Do's and Don'ts * Knowledge quiz

Out Now Business Class ® increases customer satisfaction. And profits.

One in every fifteen customers is gay. By better understanding their travel concerns--delivering superior and comfortable service--you will increase your market share of this most lucrative travel segment.

Bad service costs: Seven in ten consumers will leave. Permanently.

The Basics

Lesbian and gay travelers want what everyone wants when they travel. They want to feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Research shows most gay travelers are worried about how welcoming individual staff will actually be. This causes unnecessary tension -- repeated throughout their vacation.

How welcome gay travelers feel is a top three driver in a multi-billion value gay market.


Staff usually want to know how to do a better job dealing with all their customers. You want that too. But many people are uncertain of just quite what to say, or how to really act when serving their gay customers. Out Now Business Class® gives you the practical advice and guidance they need to perform at your very best.