WTM Videos & Pricing


General Admission

  • Available with adult & child (3-11) rates.
  • Prices start from $75 (approx £60) + Tax for Adults
  • $65 (approx £52) for Children


The Space Pass which includes Chat with An Astronaut

  • Only available if pre-bought in the UK
  • The Space Pass includes the KSC bus tour and Chat with an Astronaut
  • These Tour options can also be purchased separately​


*Please check the operational staus of both these tours and others before you travel. KSC is a working spaceport facility and due to operational requirements these and others maynot be available, Please check www.kennedyspacecenter.com for more information 

Cape Canaveral Early Space Tour

  • Can be purchased on the gate for $25 Adults​ / $19 Children (Approximately £20 & £15) plus tax

Cape Canaveral Rise to Space Tour

  • Can be purchased on the gate $75 pp plus tax (Approx £60)



Kennedy Space Center Explore Tour* (*Tours are always subject to change, KSC remains a working spcae port facility) 

Ride along with a space expert as they take you on a tour of America’s multi-user spaceport. The KSC Explore Tour goes beyond the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour, making several stops to capture once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities.  Get a photographic view of numerous spaceflight icons like the Vehicle Assembly Building and historic Launch Complex 39, disembarking to capture photos along the way to the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Enhance your experience by adding the Explore Tour to your day, available in addition to admission.

Pricing: Adults $25 + Tax (Approx £20) Child + Tax (Approx $19)


Astronaut Training Experience ® (ATX ®)

  • This can be pre-purchased for $175 Adults & Children (Approximately £140) plus tax
  • Individual Stages can be purchased and are priced between $30 - $40 plus tax (Subject to change)


Mars Base 1

  • This can be pre-purchased for $150 Adults & Children (Approximately £115) plus tax

Rocket Launches

  • Launch Tickets can be purchased directly at www.kennedyspacecenter.com
  • Starting at $20 per launch as an upgrade to admission for a variety of locations across the KSC complex. (Subject to change)


**** Prices are approximate and subject to change.

WTM 2021

Philip Britton, UK Representative, talks about what's new at Kennedy Space Center and what has changed. Find out about the new simulators, the Mars exploration experience and much more!

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