Isolate like an astronaut

No one knows more about long-term isolation than astronauts who for decades have been operating in confined spaces far away from loved ones.
During this time when millions around the globe remained in their homes to further prevent the spread of Covid-19, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offered an expert insight into how astronauts have been quarantined and isolated for the purpose of science and exploration.  
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The posting also includes a link to a live stream from the International Space Station where viewers can watch in real-time what astronauts are doing aboard the ISS.

We thought you would find this topic timely and when this is all over we would like you to visit Kennedy Space Center for `Free’ by completing our OTT KSC programme.

Update September 2021: 

Currently the Visitor Complex is open and offering all our guests a fantastic and Covid safe experience. Certain aspects of KSCVC remain closed, (See website for details). Buses to the Saturn V center do remain in operation. For further updates please visit Health & Safety Procedures | Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex