Sales Guidelines


We hope the following guidelines will help you as you take care of business. 

Please note these are not exhausive and may be subject to change - refer to KE's Service Centre with any queries. 


ADM Policy Minimum Connecting Times [Seoul]
Arrivals - Premium Name Changes
Baggage - Cabin No Show Fee
Baggage - CBBG Online check-in
Baggage - Checked & Excess Pregnancy - Travelling during
Baggage - Sporting Premium Care Service 
Baggage - UK & Ireland Free Excess Schedule Changes
Best Buy [Sabre] Seating
Booking Guidelines - CRS/GDS Seating - Extra Seats
Children - Travelling with SKYPASS Member Benefits
Commission SKYPASS Redemption
Conditions of Carriage Special Meal Discriptions
Disabilities - Passengers with STPC
Groups Subclass [RBD] Mapping
Incheon Airport - Transit Facilities Tax - APD Exemptions
Infants - Travelling with Ticket Reissues
Lounge Access [ICN] Ticketing Authority | CIP
KALBIZ SME Rewards Ticketing Time Limits
  Unaccompanied Minors

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ADM Policy - PoS GB & IE

Reasons for the issuance of an ADM

KE may issue ADMs where an agent has not complied with the corresponding reservations and KE rules.

Such violations and/or deviations are, but not limited to:

  • Sales not reported
  • Fare rule violation (seasonality, validity, weekday/weekend deviation, stopover, advance purchase, ticketing deadline etc.)
  • Differences in fare
  • Differences in Taxes, YQ or YR surcharge
  • Wrong percentage of commission or over-commission applied
  • Errors in exchange transactions, omission of information from original ticket in new ticket
  • Unchanged E-Ticket coupon status
  • Discount without authorization
  • Duplicate usage of a ticket (refund & exchange, flight & exchange, flight & refund, double refund, etc.)
  • Refunds overpaid due to miscalculation and commission recall / Missing refund penalty or service fees
  • Credit card charged back or undercharged
  • Errors in credit card approval amount or number, or charge on stolen, lost, or blacklisted card.
  • Use of Agency corporate credit card or of owner, employees, staffs , sales rep and or direct relatives to pay tickets
  • Administrative fee on an ADM

2. BSP processing of ADMs

ADMs will be issued in BSPlink and agents will have a maximum of 15days to review ADMs before these are sent through for processing on the billing systems.

Agents must comply with BSP resolutions and present a dispute within the latency of 15 days counted from date of issuance. Please provide a valid and clear justification of your reason for the dispute.

In case that KE accepts the dispute the ADM will be deactivated within the 15 day latency period.

In case that KE accepts the dispute after the 15 day latency period, agent will receive the refund of the ADM paid by and ACM issued in the following period.       

3. Administrative Fee

An administrative Fee can be levied to cover the cost of the audit process.            

4. Changes to this policy

KE reserves the right to modify and change this instruction with a prior notice.


Arrivals - KAL Premium Arrivals Shower Service


First and Prestige (Business) Class passengers flying on Korean Air marketed flight to ICN

Service is available only on the date of arrival only

Passengers boarded on code-share flights are included


Club Olympus is located on the 2nd floor of the Hyatt Regency Incheon

Hyatt Regency Incheon free shuttle is available, timetable here

Operating Hours

5:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM


Baggage - Cabin

Seating Class
Total Weight


18kg / 40lb


12kg / 25lb



Dimensions limits

  • 55(A) X 20(B) X 40(C) cm 
  • or a total sum of less than 115cm per piece

Additional carry-on allowances

One additional personal carry-on item — laptop, briefcase, handbag — is permitted for Economy Class.

Restricted carry-on items

Carrying on musical instruments.

If the size of your musical instrument is less than 115 cm (45 in.) — such as a violin — you may carry it on free of charge. Larger instruments are permitted as carry-on items but an additional seat will need to be purchased to accommodate each item.

Carry-on baggage storage

  • All carry-ons must be able to be stored completely in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • Please double-check to make sure you have all of your personal items before leaving the aircraft. 



Baggage - Checked Allowance & Excess Baggage Charges

For baggage allowance information and excess baggage by route/region, please refer to our website.

We regrettably are unable to offer pre-payment for excess baggage, payment must be made at the airport. 

UK & Ireland travel trade may apply for an additional 1PC x 23kg of checked baggage on KE tickets by calling Ticketing on 020 7851 1557 for authority.  Must be ticketed on 180/KE stock and applies to KE flights only.  Not applicable to other markets, or part of any contract. 


Baggage - Sporting Equipment

Golf Clubs

As a set or individually, all golf clubs must be checked.

No oversize fee applies to a golf bag.

Golf bag waiver for Korean Air operation flights only: If the total weight of one golf bag and one checked bag is:

  • 23 kg (50 lb) or less: The bag is regarded as one piece of baggage 

  • 23 kg (50 lb) to 32 kg (70 lb): An overweight fee will apply

  • Over 32 kg, no waiver fees; standard baggage policies apply

Skis and Snowboard equipment

스키와 스노우보드

Equipment must be securely encased in a suitable shipping container before checking in. 

Equipment will be charged per bag (or container), but will not incur an oversize fee.

Ski/Snowboard waiver for Korean Air operation flights only: If the total weight of one container and one checked bag is:

  • 23 kg (50 lb) or less : The container is regarded as one piece of baggage.
  • 23 kg (50 lb) to 32 kg (70 lb) : An overweight fee will apply.
  • Over 32kg :  no waiver fees; standard baggage policies apply.

Scuba diving equipment

  • Equipment must be securely encased in a suitable shipping container and oxygen tanks must be completely empty.
  • Scuba equipment will be charged per bag (or container), but will not incur an oversize fee.
  • One empty scuba tank (per passenger) will not be counted against the checked baggage total if it is paired with the dive bag or container.


  • Handlebars must be fixed sideways and pedals removed prior to packing.
  • Each bicycle counts as one piece of checked luggage, but will not incur an oversize fee.
  • Motorized bikes, scooters, jet skis — any fuel-powered device — are not allowed on board, even as checked baggage.


  • Before packing a surfboard in a suitable shipping bag or container, detach the fins.
  • Each surfboard will be charged per bag (or container), but will not incur an oversize fee.
  • Exception : If the items are over 158cm(62inch), handling fee will be charged when traveling with Domestic Flight.

Fishing equipment

  • One fishing rod in its appropriate case (per passenger) will not count against your checked bag total if it is paired with the tackle box.
  • Fishing equipment will be charged per bag (or container).

Hockey and lacrosse equipment

  • One equipment bag and a maximum of two sticks taped together will count as one piece of baggage.
  • If sticks are carried alone, standard baggage policies apply.


  • Each tennis, squash and badminton racquet will be charged per bag (or container).
  • Standard baggage policies apply.


  • One skateboard will be treated as one piece of baggage.
  • Standard baggage policies apply.

Firearms and ammunition

  • Any firearm and accompanying ammunition will only be accepted as part of checked baggage and not as a carry-on. Each firearm should be unloaded and suitably packed for transport.
  • Ammunition must be packed in a separate, secure container —  maximum 5 kg (11 lb) per person — and used for sporting purposes only.
  • If you are travelling with a firearm and ammunition, you must declare the items during the check-in process and complete a declaration form.
  • One firearm case plus one ammunition case shall be regarded as one piece of checked baggage.

Baggage - Excess for UK & Ireland trade

Extra 1PC x 23kg FREE on request. 

Must be ticketed in UK or Ireland. 

Call 020 7851 1557 at least 72 hours in advance to arrange.


Best Buy [SABRE]

We recommend use of WPNC¥TC-BB rather than WPNC for London-Seoul, due to use of varying Fare Type Codes within each cabin. 

Booking Guidelines - CRS/GDS

1. Waitlist Booking

Travel agency should not make excessive waitlist bookings for the same passenger.  

All unwanted waitlist bookings should be removed from the GDS PNR at least 24 hours prior to flight departure.

2. Duplicate Booking

Travel agency should not create duplicate booking for the same passenger in the same ordifferent GDS. Duplicate booking is defined as multiple itineraries with the same passenger name. Booking one or more seats on the same or different flights between the same departure and arrival city, regardless of class, is also regarded as duplicate. Duplicate bookings result in unnecessary booking fee and may cause PNR un-synchronization which leadsto passenger inconvenience.

3. PassiveBooking

Passive booking is allowed for ticketing purpose only.

KE system matches all passive bookings with active bookings in KE inventory.If there is mismatch intheflight itinerary, class/name/status code between passive and activebookings, KE returns NO message to GDS.

Once the status code is changed from passive (AK/BK/GK/MK/PK/QK/YK) to NO by KE,travel agency should remove relevant segments from PNR.

4. Churning

Repeated cancellation and rebooking in the same or different PNR for the purpose of extending TTL(Ticketing Time Limit) or holding inventory is prohibited.

5. Testing/Training Booking

Active segment should not be booked for the purpose of testing, fare quotation or training. For testing or training purpose, travel agency is required to use training mode ornon-billable status code.

In case a travel agency createsPNR for testing ortraining in live mode due to lack of knowledge on this guideline, thetravel agency should remove relevant PNR immediately.

6. Inactive Segment

Inactive segments (HX,YK, NO, UN, UC) results in booking fee charged by GDS.Travel agency must remove all inactive segments from PNR at least 24 hours prior toflight departure.      

7. Fake, Fictitious Booking

Travel Agency must not create fraudulent, fictitious booking. Creating PNR with no intent for travel, or for the purpose of GDS incentive is prohibited.


Children - Travelling with

Child restraints/booster seats MUST display a label from a recognised national authority, certifying for use on aircraft

Seats generally must be able to fit 43cm width in Economy Class, 50cm in Business or First Class. 

Please rever to the SPML section for information  about our selection of Child Meals.


In line with market norms for the UK & Ireland, commission on published fares is set at 0%. 



Disabilities - Passengers with

We, of course, offer a range of assistance to passengers with disabilities and medical cases and need to cater appropriately to these needs. 

Please note that we do not respond to the MAAS keyword. 

Wheelchair Service

Wheelchair Service is available for elderly or infirm passengers who are unable to walk any distance.

In most cities served by Korean Air, the wheelchairs are provided by the airport and are limited in number.  Therefore, this service is provided on a request basis only.  Although every attempt is made to accommodate the passenger, the wheelchair and attendant is not guaranteed.

For certain types of aircraft used for Korean Air flights, Cabin Wheelchairs are also available for passengers who require a wheelchair onboard in order to be mobile.  Please note that if Cabin Wheelchair is requested, information regarding the passenger's physical condition will be required.

Wheelchair requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to the passenger's departure using the usual IATA keywords. 

Please discuss your customer's requirements with our Service Centre, who may ask for MEDIF forms to be completed, to be fully assessed by our highly skilled aviation medical teams. 

Free Baggage Allowance for incapacitated passengers

  • Assistive Device such as WCHR:  Free of charge
  • Applied to all routes

    ※ Assistive Device : Any piece of equipment that assists a passenger with a disability to cope with the effects of his or her disability.  Such devices are intended to assist a passenger with a disability to hear, see, communicate, manoeuvre, or perform other functions of daily life, and may include medical devices and medications.

In case that assistive device is carried with normal items (clothes, cosmetics and etc) in the same baggage, the baggage is regarded as normal items and that is not the free item.

Please note: 

  • Smaller aircraft such as B737 are not able to accommodate wheelchairs/buggies larger than 112cm width x 84cm height, please check with our Service Centre
  • If wheelchair is batttery powered, please advise Service Centre
  • All other items except items above are subject to our standard baggage regulations.  
  • Most airports permit wheelchairs to be taken to the gate. 

Use of Supplementary Oxygen On Board

Please call our Service Centre, who will go through the initial evaluation with you. 

To download the doctor's form for such cases, please click here.

We also undertake services for medial repatriation, including stretcher cases. 

For full advice, please call our Service Centre.



Infants - Travelling with


Bassinets are available on International flights only. 

Only infants who are under 75cm (2.46ft) in height and less than 11kg (24.25lb) in weight may use BSCT.

Passengers travelling with more than one infant per adult must purchase a seat at the child fare for the additional child. 

BSCT dimensions: 75cm (29.53 inch) wide x 34 cm (13.38 inch) deep x 22.4 cm (8.82 inch) high

MEDIF is required for INF under 7 days old. 

Please refer to SPML section for details of Infant Meals. 



Korean Air has significant groups, MICE and air charter experience.  From orchestras to conferences, sports teams to multi-aircraft charters - often for high profile clients and/or events - we've handled it all with ease!  Ask us for a quote with confidence. 

Ten or more passengers may qualify for groups rates, offering flexible terms. 

Please email your request to us.  If you'd like to discuss specific requirements, call on 020 7851 1557

Please note, we do not usually accept sales from brochure/allocation.

Agents in UK must comply withe the terms of ATOL.

Korea MICE

Incheon Airport - Transit Facilities

A city within a city, there's a vast array of amenities for your transit customers to enjoy at Incheon!  There's good reason this airport won Airport Council International's 'Best Airport for Services' a dozen years in a row!

From Hotels & Lounges, lots of opportunity to rest & relax, extensive duty free shopping (of course)

There's even FREE Transit Tours!  We highly recommend these, which are run by the airport.  They're interesting, entertaining and informative.  Here's a flavour of what's available on the Transit Tours:

Transfer Desk & Delay Handling

At Incheon, this is easy, as the transfer desks are located at the heads of the piers where the relevant airline usually operates to/from, see guide below:













KALBIZ is Korean Air’s complimentary program designed for small and mid-sized enterprises. This offers seat upgrade rewards, dependant the yearly value of tickets purchased on Korean Air. Travelers already enrolled in Korean Air’s Skypass Frequent Flyer program will continue to receive all personal benefits.

Enrolled companies may earn up to one roundtrip Business Class upgrade each calendar year from an upgradable Economy Class fare (Y, B and M booking classes).

Earnings are based and calculated on tickets Flown between January and December from Europe, associated with the company’s registered Skypass Frequent Flyer numbers, regardless of whether the tickets were purchased on or through a travel agency. Earned benefits may be redeemed over the following year.

For more information, click here


KAL Lounges

Access to KAL Lounge is available for following passengers, traveling on the same day international flights operated by Korean Air or SkyTeam carriers.

  • First and Prestige Class passenger
  • SKYPASS Million Miler and Morning Calm Premium member accompanying one passenger
  • Sky Team Elite Plus member accompanying one passenger
  • SKYPASS Morning Calm member (terms and conditions apply. Please click here for more information)

Opening hours

  • Opening time : 2 hours 30 minutes prior to flight departure
  • Closing time : scheduled departure time


  • Snacks and Beverages
  • Reading materials including newspapers and magazines
  • TV Wireless LAN for passengers using their own laptop
  • Shower rooms, Sleeping area, Meeting rooms
  • Free local telephone
  • VIP exclusive suite rooms

Lounge service may vary depending on airport facilities.

For detailed information about airport lounges, please click here.

After check-in, security and immigration, there are Korean Air lounges on the 4th floor of departure hall. The total area of lounges has been increased about 40%, compared to T1.  There are a total of four lounges – First Class Lounge, Miller Lounge, two Prestige Lounges.  

Korean Air First Class Lounge

First Class Lounge is located opposite to gate 248. It is an exclusive area for the first class passengers and there are 30seats in the lounge. It is operated every day from 4AM to midnight.















Korean Air Miler Club Lounge

Miler Club Lounge is located right next to the First Class lounge. The lounge is a whole new facility in T2 and it is a major difference from T1. The place is for frequent flyers who board on prestige class and therefore cannot use First Class lounge. It has 130 seats and is also operated every day from 4AM to midnight. Passengers who are eligible to enter are as followed; ▲ One accompanying person of Skypass Million Miler Club and Morning Calm Premium members boarding on Korean Air’s first class (The accompanying person needs to be a passenger of Skyteam airline) ▲ Skypass Million Miler Club and Morning Calm Premium members boarding on prestige class ▲ First Class passengers of Korean Air operating codeshare flights, i.e. First Class passenger of AF261 will actually take Korean Air’s flight KE901 and therefore is eligible to use Miler Lounge.














Korean Air Prestige Class Lounge

There are two prestige class lounges each on east and west side of departure hall and the capacity are 200 and 400 respectively. They are located in front of gate 249 and 253 and opens from 6:30AM till 10:30PM. Furthermore, the lounges feature ‘Female-only relaxation room’ inside to advance passengers’ comfort. Passengers eligible to use the lounge are ▲ Prestige Class passengers ▲ Skypass Million Miler Club and Morning Calm Premium members boarding on economy class and their one accompanying person (The accompanying person needs to be a passenger of Skyteam airline) ▲ Skyteam Elite Plus member ▲ Skypass Morning Calm member (four times within two-year membership period) ▲ KAL Lounge bonus via mileage deduction ▲ Prestige Class passengers of codeshare flights operated by Korean Air.


Minimum Connecting Times [Seoul]



*Exceptions apply, please refer to your GDS.













Name Changes

In line with IATA norms, name changes are not permitted.

In instances of name error being discovered after ticketing, up to three letters of a name may be amended, UK & Ireland agencies should contact London Ticket Office on 020 7851 1557 for assistance. 

Agencies from other markets should contact the relevant local  KE sales office, or appointed GSA.

No Show Fee

Starting Oct 1, 2016, Korean Air will begin imposing a penalty for Korean Air ticket holders in the event of a no-show.

This will be imposed for no-show passengers who either do not cancel their reservation prior to the scheduled time of departure, or passengers who do not board their flight after check-in has been completed.

(Reissue and refund charges may apply separately, as per fare rule.)

Effective: Oct 01, 2016 (Ticketing date)

Applicable Tickets : Revenue and Award Tickets issued on KE

Charge Details









* Routes include transfers at Incheon, as well as destinations to and from Korea.

* No-Show Penalty will be applied differently based on country of departure

* The mileage below shall be deducted as a No-Show Penalty for the refund of award tickets.

- Long routes 12,000miles, Medium routes 7,000 miles, Short routes 5,000 miles, Domestic within Korea 500miles

* For Domestic tickets, No-Show penalty has been in effect since October 2008.

Exception: Unoccupied infant seat ticket (under 2 years)

Etc.: Reissue and refund charges may apply separately in addition to the no-show penalty.

Guideline for No-Show Penalty

1. Reason for No Show Penalty

- Seats are perishable, so when a passenger holds a seat but does not use it, both Korean Air and the trade lose the opportunity to sell that seat to customers who do wish to travel. This fee helps to ensure those customers who book actually intend to travel.  


2. Tickets applicable for No-Show Penalty

- KE Ticket / KE Fare issued after 01OCT16. 

- Excludes codeshare flights.   

3. No-Show Penalty Waiver

  1. Tickets discounted over 75% (eg. Infant)
  2. Domestic segments on international tickets (including ICN/PUS vv., which operate like international flights)
  3. Not available to take flight due to death of passenger or immediate family


4. How to tell if a NO-SHOW has occurred

- Coupon Status changes to “S”

- Coupon History will indicate [NO-SHOW]

Ticket Image

1 O ICNLAX     KE    11 C 27JUN 2000 OK  S     JCXRT

2   ARNK

3 O SFOICN     KE    24 R 05JUL 1400 OK  O     RRT

Coupon History

** 12 ** 27JUN16 1705Z : LIFTED




1   O  ICNLAX   KE011   C   27JUN16  2000 OK  JCXRT          F


5. No-Show Penalty Amount by Currency

- Based on the Penalty currency, different amount will be imposed by journey

- Guidelines below, please refer to penalty rule of fare for information.

  • Routes include transfers at Incheon, as well as destinations to and from Korea.
  • Long-haul: America/Europe/Middle East/Oceania/Africa
    Medium-haul: South East Asia/South West Asia
    Short-haul : Korea/Japan/China/Hong-Kong/Taiwan/Mongolia/Vladivostok/Irkutsk

6. Guideline for collecting No-Show Penalty

        1) Collect No-show penalty when the ticket coupon status is “ S” only

        2) Criteria for calculating the penalty amount

Itinerary Example


1) Through-fare of LAX/ICN/MNL when NO-SHOW occurred on ICN/MNL segment
  → Based on Long haul (Apply by Fare component)


2) From One ticket issued constructing LAX/ICN vv. fare and ICN/MNL vv. fare , NO-SHOW occurred on ICN/MNL segment

  → Apply by fare component, so collect based on ICN/MNL segment


3) From One ticket issued constructing LAX/ICN V.V. fare and ICN/MNL V.V. fare , NO-SHOW occurred on LAX/ICN/MNL
→ Apply higher penalty between both segment


4) When passenger hold LAX/ICN V.V. and connecting ICN/MNL V.V. but with
separate ticket

→ Collect NO-SHOW Penalty by each ticket


5) Round-the-world fare (Skyteam RTW) : Apply NO-SHOW penalty based on Long Haul


7. Procedure to collect No-Show Penalty

- Change “S” CPN status into “O”

- Using “OC “ Code, process manual reissue (ATC is not allowed)

- Even the case is eligible for revalidation, must process reissue using “OC” Code
- When reissue is required just for collecting No-Show Penalty, Reissue Charge is waived

- When refunding, collect No-Show penalty using “CP” Code

- Application of No-Show penalty by Reissue


1) When reissuing totally unused ticket
(ORGN ticketing date: 01AUG16, Total reissue: 01OCT16)

→ Apply the Fare Rule based on the reissue date and collect NO-SHOW Penalty


2) When reissuing a partially used ticket 
(ORGN ticketing: 01AUG16, partial reissue: 01OCT16)

→ Apply the fare rule by original ticketing date, NO-SHOW penalty will not be applied



8. Change procedure for the ticket with coupon status changed as “S”

* Agencies

- ① Input CPN STS change request on PNR
(TKT NBR, AGT IATA NBR, Name who request the change etc.)

- ② Contact KE Call centre to request coupon status change


9. H/D Guideline by Situation

  1. EXST/CBBG/STCR TKT  : Apply NO-SHOW Penalty for the passenger’s ticket only
    - Other ticket apart from passenger, change CPN status manually without collecting the
      NO-SHOW penalty  
  2. Child Discount  : No-Show Penalty for child is subject to child discounts rule for the
                    fare (Mileage deduction is same as adult) 
  3. Handling Mileage Upgrade ticket : Apply penalty based on revenue ticket
  4. When refundable amount is less than NO-SHOW penalty: Refund Unused TAX/Fuel Surcharge (Carrier Imposed fee)


10. Notice to the customer regarding No-Show Penalty

*Must inform to the passenger at the first time of ticket issuance that KE will impose penalty on NO-SHOW

     1) Applied to all routes’ Penalty rule in Fare

-> ex) 1A system : FQN1//PE(Applicable number of fare from result on FQD //PENALTIES)


Online Check-In

Passengers traveling on Korean Air flights with a valid e-Ticket.

  • Domestic Flights : 48 hours ~ 40 minutes before departure
  • International Flights : 48 hours ~ 1 hour before departure
  • (USA/Canada Flights : 24 hours ~ 1 hour before departure)

Our handy guide to online check-in process


Pregnancy - Travelling during

An outline of our policy, plus downloadable forms (if required) is available on our website.

Doctor's Note for Air Travel During Pregnancy

Form of Indemnity for Late Pregnancy


Premium Care Service (First Class / FRES)

We are very pleased to offer you Korean Air’s ‘Premium Care Service’ (FRES).

1. KAL Premium Care Service

  - Korean Air provides KAL Premium Care Service for First class revenue passengers who are travelling

    with KE international operating flight from or transiting ICN.


  • Meet & greet at the check-in counter
  • Escort to the departure area (via priority lane)
  • Escort to the lounge/boarding gate

2. Eligible routes

              - International Departure from ICN                      

              - Transfers at ICN

              - Note: Codeshare flights are ineligible.

3. How to book

              - KAL Premium Care Service is available on a request basis only.

              - Please ensure you input FRES as a service entry in your PNR at the time of reservation/ticketing.

              - Should be requested in the PNR at least 24 hours prior to departure.

              - For departures within 24 hours, please contact our Service Centre on 0800 413 000.

4. Notification in your GDS :

              - When you make a KE First class booking, a reminder message may be displayed, see example below:

              - Departure from ICN         

              - Transit passenger at ICN 



Premium Check-in Location (above)


Premium Check-in  & FRES team


Premium Check-in


First Class Check-In Lounge


First Class Lounge


First Class Lounge

Schedule Changes

We are sorry if your customers are affected by a change to our schedules.  Where possible we will suggest alternative flights and our Service Centre will do their utmost to reacommodate within reasonable timings - please call us. 



Korean Air offers preassigned seating for our customers on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The only exception to this are segments booked in N or T subclasses, which can only be assigned when checking in.  If your customer wants seat pre-assignment, please upsell to Q subclass.  

Please refer to the seat map in your GDS for seat requests. Please note seating is not guranteed and may change due to operational requirements.  We will also withhold some seating from availability, to ensure we can meet operational needs.  

We do not operate a paid-for preferential seating programme.  Bulkhead & Emergency Exit row seating is asssigned at the airport, in compliance with Korean law.  This includes being adult, able bodied and able to comprehend safety instructions.

BSCT seating may be requested in the normal way.  Please note that our First Class Kosmo Suites and Kosmo Suites 2.0, as well as the new Prestige Suites are unable to accommodate BSCT.  For more information, please also see our section on Infants

For passengers with disabilities, please call Service Centre, who will be able to assign seating for you. 


Seating - Extra Seats

CBBG/EXST/STCR - Please contact Service Centre for advice on how to book. 

Generally speaking, the fare is the applicable multiple of the fare paid, however, discounted fare types may not qualify and a published fare may need to be sold for the additional space.

Carrier surcharges apply.  

Taxes are not applicable.   

STCRs take up 6 seats, with accompanying medic requiring a further additional seat, booked in the normal way. 


SKYPASS Benefits

Morning Calm
Morning Calm Premium
Million Miler

Priority Reservation Waitlist

Priority Reservation Waitlist - Morning Calm - Check Priority Reservation Waitlist - Morning Calm Premium - Check Priority Reservation Waitlist - Million Miler - Check

Exclusive Check-in

Exclusive Check-in - Morning Calm - Check Exclusive Check-in - Morning Calm Premium - Check Exclusive Check-in - Million Miler - Check

Additional Baggage Allowance on Korean Air Flights

Additional Baggage Allowance on Korean Air Flights - Morning Calm - Check Additional Baggage Allowance on Korean Air Flights - Morning Calm Premium - Check Additional Baggage Allowance on Korean Air Flights - Million Miler - Check

Priority Baggage Handling

Priority Baggage Handling - Morning Calm - Check Priority Baggage Handling - Morning Calm Premium - Check Priority Baggage Handling - Million Miler - Check

KAL Lounge Benefit

KAL Lounge Benefit - Morning Calm - Check - Note: up to 4 times during 2-year membership period KAL Lounge Benefit - Morning Calm Premium - Check KAL Lounge Benefit - Million Miler - Check

Off-Peak Mileage Redemption for Bonus Award during Peak Season**

  Off-Peak Mileage Redemption for Bonus Award during Peak Season - Morning Calm Premium - Check Off-Peak Mileage Redemption for Bonus Award during Peak Season - Million Miler - Check

Gift Offer

    Gift Offer - Million Miler - Check

Exclusive Hot-line Service
(within Korea only)

    Exclusive Hot-line Service - Million Miler - Check

* Up to 4 times during a 2-year membership period

** Endorsed award / Family Plan excluded


SKYPASS Redemption

Information on mileage redemption for SKYPASS members may be found here - includes a handy redemption availability tool for our flights.   


Special Meal Discriptions

  • Baby/Infant & Child Meals


Meal Name



Baby Meal

- Ready-made baby meal product containing pureed
  meat, vegetables and baby juice, baby water are

- Suitable for toddlers aged 12-24 months.


Infant Child Meal

- KE only
- CHML(Child meal) for infants.
- Service is the same as child meal 

  (Baby water is offered additional)


Child Meal

- Children aged 2 -12 years can enjoy the selection of 

  child meal service specially prepared by Korean Air.

For long haul flights, lunch & dinner choices are typically Hamburger, Spaghetti, Pizza, Hot Dog.

Please call Service Centre to book. 

Note:  IFML option has been terminated. 


       - Flights from Korea     : Spaghetti, Hamburger, Pork Cutlet, Fried Rice with egg pancake 
       - Flights from overseas : Spaghetti, Hamburger, Hot Dog, Pizza   


      ※ In-Bound SPML loaded in Korea use the menu of the flights departing 
         from Korea


  • Vegetarian Meals


Meal Name



Lacto-Ovo Meal

- Neither meat, poultry, fish of any kinds nor product
  with lard and gelatin are used. Yet meals can contain
  egg & dairy products. Main ingredients are grains, 

  fruit, vegetables and vegetable oil.


Vegan Meal

- Neither meat, poultry, fish of any kind, product with
  lard and gelatin, nor dairy products and eggs are
  used. Main ingredients are grains, fruit, vegetables
  and vegetable oil.


Hindu Meal

- Neither meat, poultry, fish of any kind, nor eggs are
  used. Meals are spicy vegetarian combinations which
  may contain dairy products.


Jain Meal

- Neither meat, poultry, fish of any kind, product with
  lard and gelatin, nor dairy products and eggs are
  used. No root vegetables such as onion, garlic,
  ginger are used.
  Meals are spicy Indian vegetarian combinations.


Vegetarian Oriental Meal

- Neither meat, poultry, fish of any kind, product with
  lard and gelatin, nor dairy products and eggs are
  used. Root vegetables such as onion, garlic, ginger
  are allowed. Meals are prepared in oriental style. 


 Raw Vegetarian Meal

- Combination of raw fruit and vegetables.
  Caffeinated beverage, highly processed foods, 
  preservative food items, additive items are not


  • Religious Meals


Meal Name



Hindu Meal

- Non Vegetarian Indian meal. Neither beef, veal, pork,
  nor raw and smoked fish are used. Yet it contains
  other types of meat such as lamb, fish, poultry, and


Kosher Meal

- Sourced and prepared in accordance with Jewish
  dietary laws.  Korean Air provides a quality ready-
  made product made by specialized Kosher
  manufacturer. The meal is prepared in pre-packed
  and sealed condition. Cabin attendants are allowed
  to open only after getting permission from 
  passengers who ordered Kosher meal.


Muslem Meal

- Neither alcohol, pork, ham, bacon, gelatin, nor any
  pork by-products are used. Other types of meat such
  as beef, poultry and lamb are prepared according to
  the “Halal" law.

 Note: Flights to/from India

The menu offered on flights to India (BOM, DEL) is composed of 3 choices: Korean,Western (or Chinese), Indian.  

Indian choice can be served to passengers who requested AVML/HNML without any prior SPML request.

However, items from Korean Choice and Korean snacks are not suitable for passengers having HNML or AVML



  • Medical Meals


Meal Name



Bland Meal

- A light, easily digested medical meal. Neither foods
  nor beverages causing gastric discomfort are
  provided. Highly seasoned foods and oily foods are
  also limited. Menus based on less fatty meats are 


Diabetic Meal

- Daily allowance of calorie, protein, fat, and sugar are
  carefully calculated and prepared with proper
  balance between each meal. Limited amount of
  saturated fat is used in food preparation. Low fat
  dairy products, whole grain breads and cereals are
  available depending on the flights. 


Gluten Intolerant Meal

- A medical meal without wheat, barley, rye, or oats
  containing gluten. As substitution, arrowroot, corn,
  potato, rice starch or soy bean flour is provided.
- Prohibited :Bread, wheat, barley, rye, or oats


Low Calorie Meal

- Limited calorie meal helping weight control.
  Deep frying method is not used in food preparation.
  Neither sauces containing high amount of animal fat
  nor rich desserts are provided. Only lean meats and
  low fat dairy products are served. Added fats, sugar
  and oils  are avoided as much as possible in food


Low Fat Meal

- Meats with high amount of cholesterol, thick gravies,
  egg yolk and shell fish are avoided. Only lean fat free
  meat or fish is provided. In food preparation, only
  poaching, steaming and roasting method are used
  instead of sautéing or deep frying. Vegetable oil
  such as olive oil or corn oil is used in order to take
  essential fatty acid only within a permitted amount.


Low Salt Meal

- Highly salted, smoked, brined food products are
  not used. Non-salted butter and margarine are
  allowed. Ketchup and mustard are provided in food
  preparation only within a permitted amount.  


Low Lactose Meal

- A medical meal with no dairy products such as milk,
  milk solids, cream etc. It is suitable for those who
  have difficulties to digest dairy products due to lack
  of lactase. 


Information for peanut allergy passenger

○ We can Provide Peanut Allergy Meal

- Peanut allergy passengers can receive peanut allergy mals, However, please note that

     complete removal of peanut allergens cannot be guaranteed as some meals and snacks

     may be manufactured in the same facilities that handle peanuts. Click!

   - Please in put the Peanut Allergy keyword to "ALLERGY X NO PEANUT"  

Passengers with peanut allergy must provide the medical clearance and carry their own medicine, also they are required to sign the agreement (indemnity letter) before travel.


  ○ SPML Keyword

   - Allergy meal order is only for passengers who are allergic to certain ingredients such as
     cucumber, sesame, onion, egg, tomato etc.

   - When receiving Allergy meal Order 

    :  Please make sure keyword "ALLERGY" stated in front of all the allergens prohibited


    - It is not allowed to make a request for normal SPML and allergy meal at the same time.

       x) SPML X ALLERGY X NO EGG X CHML(Child Meal)


 ○ Allergy meal SVC

     - If the normal meals do not contain allergens, normal meal will be provided    
     - However, if the normal meals contain allergens, we will provide alternative menu
       replacing planned menu

     - Allergic passengers are to be ordered allergy meal only 
       Since Medical Meals (such as GFML) are not suitable for allergic passengers.

       if you receiving Medical meal from any allergic passenger,

       Please give that information to allergic passenger for safety


  • Other Meals


Meal Name



Fruit Platter Meal

- A fruit meal containing fresh fruits only, depending
  on seasonal availability. It is suitable for those who
  want to eat a light meal instead of a normal in-flight


Seafood Meal

- A seafood meal consisting of fish and seafood
  comes with other accompaniments such as grains,
  vegetables and fruit.


Allergy Meal

- Meals for passengers who have an allergy to
  certain ingredients.

For other medical/dietary requirements, please use the SPML Keyword.

Please note that we are unable to provide nut free meals or a nut free environment on our aircraft. 




STPC is: STopover Paid by Carrier

Applicable to:  ICN transit more than 6 hrs, through-ticketed, HK segs

Must be requested more than 24 hours before departure, 72 hours recommended

Applicable RT subclasses: P,F,A,J,C,D,I,Z,Y,B,M,S,H,E,K,L,U,Q (not N,T)

Subclass E and above for OW tickets

Subclass restriction applies to whole itinerary (eg. T+ Q fare combination = upsell to Qcl return)

No U19 solo travellers, groups greater than 9 passengers

Some embargoes, not usually applicable to UK – SWP







Economy Class: 3-star hotel or better

Business & First Class: 4 or 5 star

Bed & breakfast provided

Run of allocation – not possible to request specific property

Immigration-restricted & WCHR customers may be assigned Airgarden transit hotel  

Usually in ICN environs, Incheon (city) or Seoul


PNR must be HK, ticketed

Book at least one day prior to travel

email address, PSPT details, WCHx entries in PNR

Email PNR request to KE Service Centre:

Please advise if

  • ineligible for entry to Korea
  • reduced mobility


Once you have requested the STPC, you will receive the STPC confirmation by email from us.

Arrivals Procedure

Clear immigration, collect bags if checked to ICN, proceed to Korean Air Arrival Information desk.

If passengers are due to stay airside, either for a lounge use STPC booking, or by arrangement with us, they should proceed to an airside transfer desk. 

Points to Note:

You need to cancel & re-apply for the STPC if changing flights

• Do not confirm to customer before hotel segment is confirmed - usually overnight

• Please check if customer is eligible for entry into Korea

        - Irregular cases may be subject to ADM

• First Available Flight rules treat ICN & GMP as one airport

• Customers under 18 years old must be accompanied by an eligible adult

• ICN Airport lounge is available only during opening hours: 04:00 - 24:00

This guide is applicable to agencies booking from the UK & Ireland, STPC application & sales policies may vary in other markets.

For STPC support please call KE Service Centre 0800 413 000


Tax - GB Air Passenger Duty Exemptions for 12-15 y.o.

Please be advised of ticketing/refund guidelines for  UK Air Passenger Duty (GB Tax) exemption from March 2016 as follows. 

1. Background

The exemption of UK APD (GB Tax) will change for departures from 1 March 2016.

  • Current exemption : Passengers aged 0 - 11 years travelling in Economy class
  • New exemption : Passengers aged 0 - 15 years travelling in Economy class 

2. Reservations & Ticketing

To exempt GB Tax for 12-15 year old passenger, the relevant Passenger Type Code (PTC) should be applied as  below:

  • PTC codes for GB tax exemption : "C" + "age (2digits)"  (C12, C13, C14, C15)
  • PTCs above will autoprice exempting GB tax
  • If there are any changes to the ticket, including itinerary departing from the UK, GB tax should be checked    
  • In case of ticket reissuance to adjust tax, reissue charge is waived
  • To expedite handling, we recommend input of date of birth or passport details in PNR
  • In case of auto pricing for infant/child fare (passengers aged 0-11 years), please follow current procedure

3. Refund

Where GB tax has been collected from the passenger who is eligible for the exemption, tax should only be refunded after all itineraries have been flown.

3. Effective Date

Ticketing date : Immediately

Travelling :  On / after 1 March 2016 

NOTE:  PTC will be subject to audit on departure


Subclass [RBD] Mapping

Ticket Reissues

Please follow the change rules/penalties on the ticket.

Change fees should be collected as tax code OD

Any additional collection for upsell should appear in fare field.

Revalidation is permitted when no fees/adcol are due, or there is no substantial change to the ticket. 


Ticketing Authority | CIP

Korean Air UK & I operates a restricted distribution policy, with strict internal criteria on who may receive authority to ticket via BSPLink. 

To apply for ticketing authority, your authorised company signatory will firstly need to complete this form, for our evaluation. 

Please do not apply if you have been actively using your IATA for less than one year, and/or have very infrequent demand for KE.  In those cases, please book Korean Air through our consolidators, who often will be able to offer  you advantageous fares.  


Ticketing Time Limits

In line with industry norms, when holding seats in an unticketed PNR, we impose a ticketing time limit on the booking.  Please ensure you adhere to them, otherwise your booking will auto cancel, without reference to you.

This practice helps prevent seat wastage and improves availabilty for the trade, freeing up unwanted seats for those agents who need them available for sale.

Please ensure you cancel all unwanted segments as soon as you know they are not needed. 

For your reference, a guideline to our our ticketing time limits from the UK is set out below. 

These may be subject to change, or adjusted at any time, to help us manage demand. 


Unaccompanied Minors

We charge a service fee of USD100 per sector for Unaccompanied Minors, payable by EMD.

1. Target

A. International Flights

1) When onboard in KE Flight (KE flight number & KE operating)


2) When KE marketing codshare flight (OAL metal) check operating carrier's UM regulations.

3) OAL Connecting Flight: UM service cannot be requested for OAL connecting flight (Interline UM service is not available).

Please ensure: 

  • You provide accurate information about the UM"s age (DOB), gender, nationality and contact information at the departure and destination.
  • When requesting UM service on certain segments of the entire itinerary, advise the passenger on the segments without UM service (TCP connection for guardian) and specify the details in the PNR.


B. Korea Domestic Flights

  •  Aged 5 – 12 years old passenger unaccompanied with over 13 years old passenger


C.  ICN/PUS/ICN FLT + Connecting to International Flight 

  •  UM age standard : International UM age applies (Including ICN/PUS/ICN transfer flight) 
  •  UM SVC standard : All segment should be transported as UM
  •  Follow restrictions when transit (Allowed when only the transit time is 6 hours or less)


2. Condition

A. Children younger than 5 years old are NOT eligible for UM under any circumstances.

B. Guardians of Departure/Arrival city should be parents or legal guardian over 18 years old.

C. All booking must be confirmed for UM.

D. UM service must be registered at KE Service Centre at least 24 hours prior to departure


 3. Required Documents

Common: PAX with approval of UM AUTH, he/she needs to fill out Transporting Application / Sworn Statement upon airport check-in

UMs entering Philippines, Canada and Vietnam are subject to special regulations, please check with KE Service Centre. 

UMs with Mongolian and Russian nationality may be subject to special conditions, please check with KE Service Centre.  


4. How to request

Request UMNR via the KE Service Centre at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Should input UM's Age (DOB), Gender, Nationality, contact of departure / arrival city correctly in PNR

When request UM for part of the itinerary, should update the fact of notice of not requested segment info (such as TCP with Guardian) in PNR

On departure date at the airport, guardian should input the name of guardian in departure/arrival city, contact number, address in Transporting Application, so must inform to the passenger to bring supporting information and input inform status in CKIN message

  ADOA will only be contact to guardian in Arrival city (eg: for the case of ICN/LAX, will contact to LAX guardian only, for ICN/LAX/ICN case,will contact both of LAX and ICN guardian)


Change of Unaccompanied Minor(UM) service charge

Korean Air has changed Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service charge.

1. Application : KE flight only (codeshare flight excluded)

2. Effective Date:

                              - Ticketing date on/after 01 AUG 2018

                              - Departure date on/after 01 SEP 2018

3. UM service charge

- Mandatory UM : Introduce UM SVC charge per segment

- Optional UM : Increase UM SVC charge per segment

  ○  [Example]  YVR-SEL-JKT-SEL-YVR

        * Mandatory UM SVC Charge

          (As-is)  None

          (To-be) CAD 100 + KRW 100,000 + IDR 1,400,000 + KRW 100,000

        * Optional UM SVC Charge

          (As-is)  CAD 100 + USD 100 + IDR 1,430,000 + USD100

         (To-be) CAD 150 + KRW150,000 + IDR 2,100,000 + KRW 150,000

  ○  [Example] Fare display - Child discount on GDS

For UM service reservation and ticketing enquiries, please contact London ticketing office

0207 851 1557.