Cruise America & Cruise Canada
Gold Specialist

At Cruise America & Cruise Canada RV Rentals we want to acknowledge our active partners by recognizing and rewarding all your hard work and support, which we truly value and appreciate.

Would you like to go on & apply for the Cruise America & Cruise Canada RV Rentals Gold Specialist Certificate? We hope so! Please submit your application by email to - here are all the details:

  • I have completed all the modules of the Cruise America & Cruise Canada training program and have been awarded my Bronze certificate
  • I have made a Cruise America and/or Cruise Canada booking between 2016 and 2020.
  • I have personally travelled in a Cruise America or Cruise Canada vehicle on a familiarization trip or a personal holiday. Please include a note detailing when this was.
  • Finally, include details on ONE of the following. I have written a blog OR posted a review online via one of the forums (e.g. Trip Advisor) OR have given a training session in-house to fellow staff members OR I have given a presentation to consumers at an event OR alternatively include a great picture of you on your trip with the RV. Please submit a link to the review, blog or attach your training/presentation Power Point or Photo with your application & let us know approx when this was.


Upon completion you will receive your certificate which identifies you as a Cruise America & Cruise Canada Gold Specialist. At the end of each calendar year we will review all entries and award a “Grand Camping Prize” to the winner! There is no need for you to do anything – by having been awarded Gold Specialist status you will automatically be entered into the competition. The winner's details will be announced at the beginning of each year and included on this site.