Samoa & The Pacific

Samoa is the ideal laid-back destination in a grand tour of Australasia, a relaxing paradise after the big cities of New Zealand and Australia. 

Auckland is an ideal stopover en route to Samoa. Spend a few nights enjoying the thriving city before immersing yourself in the most authentic Polynesian culture and warmest welcome in the South Pacific. Air New Zealand and Samoa Airways fly direct from Auckland to Samoa, with a flight time of just under four hours.

Australia is also an easy twin centre with Samoa and Samoa Airways operates regular flights from Sydney to Faleolo Airport (APW).

The islands of Hawaii are also a multicentre option with weekly Fiji Airways flights every Friday departing from Honolulu for Samoa. Tonga and Fiji can also be partnered with Samoa for visitors who want to see more Pacific islands.

Think the perfect honeymoon, family trip of a lifetime, round the world trip, or the pinnacle of a trip down under for swell chasing surf addicts! LA, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Sydney, Auckland and neighbouring Pacific islands are all gateways to experiencing an authentic Polynesian gem. The islands of Samoa are the perfect antidote to an adventure filled journey across the world.