Essential Information

Currency: The currency of Samoa is the tala (Samoan dollar) and there are approximately four to the UK pound.

A tala is divided into 100 sene and the symbol for a tala is the dollar sign $. Prices will be in Samoan Tala unless otherwise indicated.

The current rate of exchange is ST $1 = GBP £0.31 / WST $3.42 = GBP £1.00. 

Samoa is relatively inexpensive and very good value for the South Pacific.

Visa: Visitors to Samoa are issued permits on arrival for stays of up to 60 days. All visitors must show a valid onward ticket and a passport that is valid for at least six months after the intended date of departure from Samoa. If for any reason your clients should need to extend their stay, they should go to the immigration office in Apia and show they have sufficient funds to stay and evidence of where they are staying. There is a small fee for the extension of Visitor Permits.

Electricals: sockets take plugs with two flat prongs, 240 volts.

Dateline: Samoa is very close to the International Dateline and is the first place in the world to start the new day. The time is 13 hours ahead of GMT.

Phones: There is excellent GSM mobile phone coverage throughout Samoa. The international dialling code is +685.

Health: No vaccinations are required for visiting Samoa. However, hepatitis A, typhoid fever and tetanus are sometimes recommended. There is no malaria but there are mosquitoes and tropical strength repellant is advisable, as well as the precaution of covering up in the evening.

Information: The Samoa Tourism Authority is at the Faleolo International Airport and on the main street in Apia and has maps, brochures and will advise on accommodation and activities, as will hotels and resorts.

Dress: Light summer clothing is appropriate all year round. Samoa has a culture of modesty as well as a strong Christian faith and visitors are asked not to wear bathing suits outside hotels or beaches. Nude and topless swimming or sunbathing is prohibited. For visiting churches, shorts should be avoided.